Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Cran-Hill Report

Ahhhhh. *happy sigh*

I had a fabulous weekend at Cran-Hill Ranch with the Fall Women's Conference. What a delight to be with those women to share life and struggles and the goodness of God.
It was the first time I had presented the Don't Make Decisions While You're Running Uphill material in a conference setting, and I was pleased with how it went. God was present - speaking to hearts and touching lives. And I am forever thankful.
Looking forward to the opportunity to do it again!

Here's a picture of the group from Saturday night. Aren't they lovely?

Another very fun part of the weekend was the time I was able to spend with my new friend. That is, the mother of Elizabeth's goooooooood friend, Nick.
Also known as her potential future mother-in-law.
See, Nick and his family were spending the weekend at Cran-Hill, too. So Elizabeth wanted to come with me to the conference - in order that she might spend time with Nick. Which meant...Kaira (Nick's mom) and I were able to have some good hang-out time. (Including shopping for pants Friday afternoon. Since I forgot to pack mine. *eye roll*)
Kaira sat in on my speaking sessions and we spent time together talking about mothering and life and God and mistakes and grace...and, of course, Nick and Elizabeth. And what I discovered is - while Elizabeth has the joy of a new and special friendship, so do I! I love the relationship which is developing between Nick and Elizabeth, and I love that it means a new friendship for me, too. *smile*


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