Thursday, February 06, 2014

Another Thing a Friend Would Do

A few years ago I wrote a post about What a Friend Would Do.
A little attempt at humor, mixed with a plea for honesty among friends.

Monday afternoon while I was in the kitchen making dinner, my daughter and her friend were together at the table. And I observed another thing a friend would do.
But this time it isn't humorous.

Elizabeth was holding Snickers, and she was crying. And Michaela said, "C'mon. Don't cry!" But Elizabeth couldn't help it. Snickers (Elizabeth's pet rat) didn't look good. She was cold and not moving much, and Elizabeth was certain Snickers was about to die.
I had gotten a small towel in which Snickers was now wrapped, and Elizabeth was trying to warm up her furry little friend. She also needed to finish cleaning Snickers' cage - getting it comfy and ready so Snickers could rest again. But Snickers was cold, and Elizabeth wanted her to get warm.
So she asked Michaela, "Will you hold her while I finish her cage?"

Honestly? I don't think Michaela was super excited about snuggling with Snickers. She doesn't quite have an attachment to that critter like Elizabeth has. But Michaela is Elizabeth's BFF, so she set her homework aside and welcomed Snickers into her own arms.
And that's when I saw it.
That other thing a friend would do.
A friend would put aside whatever she's doing to help you in a moment of need. Even if that means holding your rat.

What remarkable thing has a friend done for you when you needed her support?


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