Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Right Before My Eyes

So, I told you a couple months ago about Josh and his new Jeep. And how he wanted to drive it so badly, but had to wait until he was gainfully employed and could start making car payments.
Remember that?

Well, he's been at his job for nearly two months now and I have been simply delighted by what I'm seeing.

At first I was entertained by the stories he would share about "rescuing" children who were going the wrong way down the sledding hill, or who were in the path of someone else coming down the hill. (Josh works at our county park, manning the sledding hill.)
But more recently I have been impressed by the maturing he seems to be doing. He talks about his responsibilities on the job. He plans his schedule and activities so he is on time for work. He pays attention to his income and budgets accordingly. And the other night as I sat and listened to my son sharing stories about work, I realized - He's growing up. Right before my eyes.
I've been in this place before. At all the different stages of childhood. I remember the delight of seeing him learn to walk. How precious it was when his little voice started making real words. I loved watching my baby become a toddler, and then a little boy who turned into a big kid.

It occurred to me the other night: I'm watching my big kid become a man.

And I love it!



Kaira said...

So exciting!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira -Yes. It sure is!

Sara K. said...

That is SO COOL, Karen! I am looking forward to watching my boys grow that way too! In a lot of ways, I already am... my 9-year-old is showing some more maturity and kindness when it comes to helping out littler kids. Makes my heart so happy! :)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - There is so much to see at every "stage". So glad you're enjoying it now.