Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not So Fast!

He burnt the pasta.
Not quite sure how a person burns pasta while boiling it but, apparently, you can.
(And to his credit, he kept the burnt portion out of the main meal.)

And the garlic was clumpy.
But I promised him - it's always clumpy when I saute it, too.

Really, those were his only two offenses. And, somehow, my husband thought those errors ought to be enough to eliminate him from consideration for future dinner-preparation responsibility.
And I'm all, Wait a minute, buddy. Not so fast! For all the times I have messed up a meal and suggested I should be fired, for all the times I have forgotten to buy an ingredient at the store and offered to turn in my resignation, for all the times I have made the wrong decision and just wanted to hand over my "mom hat" - and for all the times YOU have been gracious and have given me yet.another.chance.to.get.it.right. Oh, you'd better believe I'll give you another chance at making dinner.

P.S. I love you!


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Kaira said...

Haaaaappppppyyyy Birthday, Josh!