Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Eavesdropping with My Eyes

I wasn't being sneaky.
Wasn't looking for anything I wasn't meant to see.
This thing I saw was left out in plain sight on the kitchen counter and I just happened to read it when I was cleaning.
And it was so good, I picked up the whole stack and read them all.
The reading material in question is a stack of notes which all had "Josh" on them.
And when I glanced over a few words on the first note, I remembered my son telling me about a certain class project. That is, one of his teachers had assigned students with writing a note to everyone else in the class. Each note was intended to tell the reader what qualities and personal attributes the writer admired in the reader. So, naturally, when it came to notes containing positive things about my kid?
I couldn't stop by reading just one!

*I found out that Josh is perceived as "quiet" by a few people.
*Lots of students like his humor.
*Apparently he shares freely about his love of fishing during class, and a number of people admire him for his dedication.
*One girl said she watches all of his fishing videos on Youtube. Even though she doesn't fish.
*Several classmates commented on Josh's caring demeanor, and thanked him for being easy to talk to.
*And another girl gushed about his nice hair.
None of these revelations came as a big surprise to me.
I mean, Josh is a likable guy.
I already knew that.
But a few of his classmates talked about something of which I had no previous knowledge. Apparently Josh was in charge of leading a discussion during class one day, but wasn't there for some reason. In his absence, he sent discussion questions to school with another student so the class could carry on without him. And his classmates thought that was a good idea.
Ummmmm. So does his mom!
How about that? My son - who manages to leave all sorts of tasks forgotten or undone around the house (such that his mother wonders how he'll ever make it on his own) - had the foresight and responsibility to get the job done even when he wasn't there.
I'm so glad I saw those notes sitting on the counter Josh left those notes sitting on the counter where he knew I'd see them. *smile*
Oh, the irony. Within eighteen hours of the time I wrote this post, the subject of it nearly got on my last nerve with a string of shirking-off-responsibility behaviors. And normal teenage-boy-attitude.
Ahhhh, the son I know and love.




Sara K. said...

What a cool experiment! I think more people would do well to realize that others see positive things in them. And how fun as a mother to read those things -- and see how he is when you're not around! ;)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - " and see how he is when you're not around! ;)"
That. Right there! :)