Thursday, February 11, 2016

What She Said

My son is growing and becoming more independent. He likes to figure things out for himself. He doesn't always think things through and becomes frustrated when his plans fall apart. It's hard for him to slow down and take advice before he jumps into a new project. He tries to set his own goals and determine the road to achieve them, ignoring those who have more experience to share. His resistance to input and guidance is creating tension at home. He's hindering his success by refusing the help that's offered. He's having to learn life lessons the hard way, bringing unnecessary struggles and stress into his life. Give my son the humility to receive instruction and admit that he doesn't know everything. Show him that parents and teachers are on his side. Help him to see that accepting help is not a sign of immaturity or weakness - it takes wisdom and strength to face our limitations. Fill him with a quiet spirit that can be still and listen. May he gain understanding so that he can walk the path of life without stumbling...
From "When He Needs Good Advice" (p.59)
A Mom's Prayers for Her Son by Rob and Joanna Tiegen
I know Joanna Tiegen.
We've been friends since our girls were cabin mates at summer camp many years ago.
We've spent time together.
Shared the ups and downs of mothering.
Encouraged each other in both writing and speaking endeavors.
Disclosed struggles, and prayed for one another.
But I never knew she had a window to my heart (or a camera in my home!) until I read the above excerpt from her book the other night.
I mean, seriously! This is the stuff of the Hossink household of late.
Her words describe my boys!!!
And the prayer in which she lead me (I only quoted a portion of it above) echoed my heart's desire for these precious (albeit, at times, very frustrating) boys of mine.

Here at home, I have a front-row seat to the struggle of raising teen boys. Every day I have opportunities to see them try and succeed, or try and fall. And my mother-heart falls with them - especially on the days when their fall is because they refused good advice. BUT, I have a Father in heaven who knows what these boys need, who sees each step they take and knows what each outcome will be. I have a Father in heaven who listens to my prayers for my boys, and who has the grace, power, wisdom, and mercy to gently lead them down their roads to adulthood.
Oh, how thankful I am that HE listens. And cares. And responds!


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