Friday, February 12, 2016


I had the very fun opportunity yesterday to sing at GLC.
My boss plays the piano, so we teamed up to provide a musical treat.
That is, we were hopeful it would be a treat. *wink*

We did several songs from yesteryear which the residents knew, and to which they could sing along. The songs were interspersed with stories, jokes, laughter, and some silliness - all with the goal of bringing joy to the listeners. We ended our program by singing a hand full of classic hymns.
Singing the hymns gave me opportunity to testify to God's love, and His care for us in our every-day struggles and trials. I know there are mixed backgrounds of faith in the men and women at GLC - from pastor's wives, to no religious interest at all - and I count it a privilege whenever I get to share my belief in any form. So I was particularly happy that we sang these songs of faith.

But it got better.

When we were finished with the music I saw someone waving her arm in the air. This woman has significant memory impairments, which affect her communication and social interactions. She is very troubled, and is frequently in need of help - somebody to take her here, or there; assistance in sitting up; answers to questions which she's asked a hundred times, already. So as I approached her, I was expecting to hear a request for some such assistance.
But that request never came.

Instead, she simply asked, "Will you pray for me?"

If you know me at all, you know my heart leaped at the opportunity.
I took her hands in mine and cried out to God on her behalf. Confident that HE was listening. Certain that HE sees her. Assured that HE will meet her needs.
And I will continue to pray for her - in and out of her presence.
Because there is power in the Name of JESUS.

To whom can you show TLC today, by praying for them?


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