Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Compassion Trip, Report #1

Hey there, friends!

I'm back.
I've missed you.
But it was so, SO good to be gone! *read that: I had an incredible time!*
My only concern now is: How am I possibly going to convey to you the amazing experience I had during my trip to Ecuador with Compassion International?
Because, yeah.
It was a thousand times more meaningful than what I had hoped or imagined it would be.
And that figure might be an understatement.

As such, I will do my best to share my excitement and passion with you over the next few days - in a somewhat organized and understandable way. Still, I ask for your patience if I get carried away and start blabbering. Because sometimes when I begin talking about the things we saw and everything I learned?
I just can't help myself! *wink*

I met up with 44 other Compassion sponsors and Compassion staff in Miami, and we flew to Quito, Ecuador. After a late night of getting to the hotel and settling in, we got up and attended a local church Sunday morning. Although the worship was all in Spanish and I didn't know most of the words, the Spirit of God was present and active. And HE is not limited to Ingles.
I saw a man across the aisle from where I was sitting who simply radiated love for God. It encouraged my heart to consider that God has reached all over this world - calling people to Himself and filling them with His love. (This theme recurred throughout my week.) And I wondered, again, why I ever put limits upon what I believe He can do.
I did take out my camera during the service to capture a moment of our worship - because I wanted to bring it home with me. Though I didn't single out the man across the aisle.
*ahem* That would have been rude.

After church we walked to a nearby park and spent time with the children who participate in the Compassion program hosted by that church. Some sponsors were with the younger children, and I got to be in the group with teens. If you ever want to know how to play tug-of-war without a rope, just ask me. Now I know.
Again, our language difference impacted communication, but the love of Jesus was clearly expressed.

Annnnd, before going back to the hotel for dinner and much-needed rest, we took a short drive north to visit the equator.
Yep, that's me - and my new friend, Jordan (who, in my opinion, looks just like Sandi Patty) - smack dab exactly on the equator. On the very middle of the world.
Yes. I know. I'm cool now. *wink*

So, that's a briefing of Day One. I cannot wait to share the rest of my week with you in the coming days.
God is so good. So good!!!


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