Thursday, May 04, 2017

Coming Home

It's time for this momma to hit the road!

That is, today I am driving to Wheaton to pick up my girl and bring her home - after completing her third year of college. Tonight I get to meet her new "interest" as we have dinner together, then we'll go to her church for a worship night, then back to her apartment to load up and get some sleep - before hitting the road again tomorrow to come home.
I cannot wait to have her back under my roof. (Even shampooed the carpet in the basement and cleaned her bathroom so she'll feel nicely welcomed back. *grin*) Although it will be for a very short time. That is, Wednesday she's leaving again - a few days visiting Grandma, then a trek out to Colorado for her summer internship. And yes, we're planning a family vacation to Colorado this summer to visit!

I know I've said it before, but this seeing-your-daughter-grow-up thing is tricky for a momma's heart. So proud to watch who she's becoming. Excited to observe her facing adventures. Enjoying conversations about adulting and preparing for the next steps. And remembering that precious baby girl I brought home from the hospital more than 21 years ago - recalling that I had to teach her how to eat and sit-up and walk and get dressed and brush her teeth and tie her shoes and...not sure my heart is ready to release her into that big world out there.

Trusting God will watch over and care for my baby girl.
And my momma's heart!


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