Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Following His Lead

Early in April - or was it late March? I don't remember.
Anyway, about a month ago I saw a post in a Facebook prayer group of which I am a part that there was a need for an additional person - or two - to join a month-long, overnight prayer team. The particular time slot needing intercessors was Friday mornings from 2-4. Now, typically, my favorite thing to do on a Friday morning from 2-4 is SLEEP. But I guess the Spirit of God must have been moving in me because I found myself thinking, It's for four weeks. That's only four mornings. I can get up four times to pray. I can do this! So I sent an email and said, "I'm in!"
And let me just say - each of those two-hour prayer conference calls was amazing. What a delight to join with other believers to pray for our city, state, nation, and world.
What an absolute delight!!!

During the third call we were praying about abortion and the call leader told me about a Students for Life of Michigan event that was taking place the following week at Michigan State University. He suggested that I check it out and consider attending. And, I said I would.
That same day - after I'd gone back to bed to finish sleeping *wink* - I received a phone call from a friend I hadn't heard from in several months. She told me there was a Students for Life of Michigan event taking place the following week at Michigan State University, and she wondered if Brian and I would be interested in attending it with her. I chuckled to myself as I considered God speculating whether or not I would recognize His lead, and I said, "Uh, yeah. I think I'm supposed to be there."
And so I went, believing God wanted me there - not really knowing why.
Well, as the program began and the emcee took to the platform, I believe I found out the reason I was present. He opened with a bit of a plea for help. That is, Right to Life of Michigan is sponsoring an oratory contest for high school students, and the state-level competition is coming up May 6. As of the night of the program I was attending (April 27) they had not found the third person they needed to judge the speeches. I don't know the specifics of why they hadn't secured that third judge, but the emcee's delivery of the plea made it clear - they were getting desperate.
I immediately thought of the many speech contests I participated in as a youth - and how valuable those experiences were for me - and I turned to Brian saying, "Can I do it???"
So, I'm doing it. Saturday morning I'll report for duty and - with two other individuals - I will listen to and provide feed-back for 29 high school students as they present their pro-life speeches.

Not sure why God lead me to be a judge for this oratory contest - who I'll meet, or what He'll have me do while I'm there. But I know His plans are perfect and I will go wherever He tells me to go.

May your spirit be sensitive to His today in all He leads you to do!


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