Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It Takes a Cyber-village

So, Monday evening as we're getting ready to sit down for dinner, Matthew was in a quasi-panic state. He couldn't find his car keys so he was searching the house - going through the trash, calling everyone into action. But I (being the wet blanket that I am, and not wanting the food to get cold) said it was time for dinner, and we could look for the keys later.
By the time we had finished eating I had completely forgotten about the lost keys. But not so, Matthew. He started looking in, around, and under everything in sight. And before he totally tore apart the house I suggested he go look in his car. I mean, I have been known to leave my keys in the ignition a time, or two, and figured it was worth a try.

Though he scoffed at the idea, he went out to look.

And when Matthew came inside and told me the keys were - in fact - in his car, I didn't understand why he didn't have a happier demeanor. Until he added the detail that...the car was locked.
"Do you have a spare key?" I asked.
He didn't.
"Oh. OK."
So I suggested Matthew get a coat hanger, or something, and try to break in to his car.
But he's never done that before.
Didn't know how to do it.
(Me, neither!)
So I did my best thinking and said, "Youtube it. There's gotta be someone who has posted a video about unlocking your car without keys."
Annnnd, there was! So Matthew got a hanger and went out to give it a try.

Side note: When I was in college I was at a weekend camp when a fellow student locked her keys in her car. One of the cooks at the camp was a former car thief, so someone had him come out to her car and - he got it opened in seconds. Totally God redeeming this guy's past! Anyway, I figured with a little coaching Matthew could do the same thing.

I figured wrongly.
He got the hanger stuck in the door and was beside himself. Fortunately, I was able to wiggle it out. But although the hanger was free, the keys remained locked away. So Matthew and I went back inside, figuring it would be best for Brian to get home and try breaking in before we called a locksmith.
And I decided to also tap into my most reliable resource: Facebook!
I posted a simple plea for help:
Bummer! Matthew has locked his keys in his car.
Any local friends good at breaking into locked cars???
Among the helpful replies and suggestions was this one: You guys need AAA.
And I'm all, Whoa! I think we do have AAA.
Brian confirmed it, I got on the phone to call for roadside assistance, and within half an hour a very nice young man was in our driveway breaking into Matthew's car.
It was beautiful.
And I couldn't help but shake my head, and laugh a little, at the notion that we would have ended up calling and paying for a locksmith, had it not been for my Facebook friend's off-the-cuff comment.

And so, when it comes to meeting practical little needs - I will continue to post my queries on Facebook, for all my friends to see.
Because it really takes a cyber-village to keep this girl on track. *wink*


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