Thursday, November 30, 2017

What Can I Do?

Wow. What is happening to our world?
I am not sure how much more bad news my little heart can take.
On second thought, it seems to me like my little heart is becoming immune to the bad news.
Oh, really? Another shooting?
Yeah. I heard about the terrorist attack.
So, who's involved in today's sex scandal?
It seems like every day includes another tragedy, another heartbreak, or another rumor. And although the stories are sad, well, I am not shocked by them anymore.
It kind of feels like I'm the frog who's getting used to boiling water, ya know?

And yesterday, it kept on coming.
I logged onto Facebook and knew right away that something scandalous had happened with Matt Lauer. My news feed was full of comments and rants which told me just enough to know I didn't care to know anymore. Another "star" fallen from the sky.
My inbox contained an article from the American Culture & Faith Institute, which shared findings that Christians are not spreading the gospel, and the number of born again Christians has been declining in recent years. And I'm thinking, C'mon, Church! What's going on? (You may read the article here, if you wish.)
Another email told me about current trends which don't bode well for the moral future of our nation, and I found myself asking, When, Lord? When are we going to see a turn-around in this world? And I felt myself becoming simultaneously more saddened, and more apathetic. I couldn't help wondering, What can I do, anyway???
And then, as if right on cue, I saw a short video testimony of a man who credited the faithful prayers of his mother - and a merciful God - with saving his life, and his soul. He gave great detail about how his mother prayed through his rebellion, and he encouraged the audience, "Don't give up praying!"
I sat in my chair nodding my head, whispering praise to God, committing to being faithful in prayer for my boys. And His Spirit nudged mine.
Pray for your world, too, daughter. Pray for your world!


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