Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not So Lucky

Do you remember Button? A few months ago Joshua rescued a fallen baby bird, and in spite of the fact I told him I thought it would die without it's mother, we took care of that baby and took it to a wildlife rescue center.
Well, Monday the kids went up to the playground at the boys' school and came home with another critter. Joshua was out of breath as he walked into the house and addressed each of my objections before I could even voice them. He ended with, "And remember, you didn't think Button would live, and we took care of her! So, can we keep it?"
It was a baby mouse they'd found at the playground, abandoned by its mother. I looked at the fire in his eyes, listened to the passion in his voice, and thought about Button. What could I say? "What are you going to name it?"
It's name was Lucky because Joshua said the baby mouse was lucky the kids had found it. Cute.
Joshua got out the heating pad to make a bed for Lucky and Elizabeth got online to research "how to care for a baby mouse with fur, whose eyes are not yet open." We went to the store and bought sweetened condensed milk and the kids nursed the orphan carefully. Once again, I loved seeing their compassion on display.
Lucky was with us for a couple days, but he died yesterday. Not so Lucky, I guess. Nonetheless, it was another good experience for the kids and I'm glad they got to experience it.

Lucky is just another of the various creatures we've had in our new home. Joshua had caught one butterfly which he wanted for the bug board he's making. He didn't want to kill it right away so I let him keep it in his room until it died. Then a friend of ours told Joshua he'd found a walking stick at his house, and Joshua asked if he could have it. So Twiggy was added to the mix. Then he found another butterfly. Those three have all since died and have been carefully tacked to the bug board.
The one living creature which remains (in a cage!) is a praying mantis. The day Joshua found Ring we were up at the playground and I watched Joshua stalking a grasshopper. He leaped for it, caught it, smiled at me and said, "Lunch!" Sure enough, when we came home Joshua put the (live) grasshopper in the cage and we watched Ring eat lunch. That's quite a sight.
I suppose if Joshua stops catching gourmet bugs for Ring, he'll become part of the bug board some day. Until then he'll remain a fattened bug. (And I'm glad he finally ate the cricket. I was getting tired of the chirping!)

Yes, I live in a zoo. There's never a dull moment!



JennaG said...

Wow, you are so sweet for letting them bring those critters home. You sound like my sister. I, currently, have a counter full of insects in platic bags. The twins are doing a bug board project for school and have been killing insects left and right.

Corrie said...

That sounds like such a great experience for the kids!

annie said...

I would like to nominate you for the mother of the year award. Seriously!

Coach J said...

Ok, I'd let all those things in my house EXCEPT a mouse. I don't care how many hours old it is. Yuck! You are one nice momma.

Karen said...

Wow, you've had it all going on with the wildlife there. Maybe you could open a wildlife reserve and charge...serve some cream teas. I have yet to experience this, but I have a feeling that I will.

kreed said...

Awesome! As a lover of animals myself, I can't think of anything better than a house full of critters.

KarenW said...

Aww! Sorry about Lucky. Your son really has a love for all sorts of critters.

Angela said...

Sheila Walsh told a story at Women of Faith about her son finding a baby bird. They got up every hour throughout the night to feed the baby scrambled eggs. Then the next morning drove an hour to drop it off at a shelter for injured birds. The things we do for our children! As for the mouse...I must say you are a better mother than I am!

Beth said...

hummm... I thought I lived at the zoo. In fact, we recently took on a "free" puppy and I told my husband (probaby with my hands on my hips)that I was willing to live at the zoo but not the circus. Just how many zoos are there out there?

Tishia said...

I think it's sweet that you let your kids bring home 'things' (lol). I'm not much of bug, insect, etc person so when and if my son starts bringing things home I'm not sure how I'll handle it. But I definitely see how it's good learning experiences for kids!