Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm Overwhelmed, but God is Good!

OK, Overwhelm is setting in.

First, we thought we were going away for a week (for hubby's job, but also good family time worked in) then coming home, closing on the new house and moving. Then we found out we had the dates wrong and wouldn't be going away until one week later. That change caused a few other changes but it gave us an extra week to pack, and that seemed good. Now, we've gotten the closing date moved up and are anticipating moving one week from today, before we leave for that week.
The decision to schedule things in this way was really an attempt to choose the lesser of two very stressful options. I hope we chose right!

There is so much going through my mind that most days lately, when I wake up I lay in bed for a minute just trying to figure out what day it is and running through a list of What do I need to do today?

So what am I doing blogging? Lunch break and the need to decompress. It always helps me gain perspective when I put my thoughts into words.

I am remembering in the midst of packing and wondering what to keep, what to throw away, and Where should I put this? Jesus is still good. He is not thrown off balance by my stress. He is my Rock. Oh, how I need Him!
A few nights ago I got the coolest image in my head. I truly don't know if I was dreaming or awake because I was in and out of sleep so many times. But this is what I saw: A very large hand, and little tiny yellow suitcases softly stacking up on the thumb. It was as if the hand was God's and the suitcases were all my burdens. (Did we choose right? What if Fitness Together doesn't take off? What if there are no kids near us in the neighborhood? Will our house sell? and on and on...) And it was like God was reminding me my burdens are not too difficult for Him. I don't need to worry. I just need to trust!

Even as I'm sitting here typing this out, God is speaking! I'm listening to and typed in Kathy Troccoli as my favorite artist. As I was beginning to type out my burdens, KT's song He Will Make a Way started playing. I love it when He does that!!!

So, break time is over. God is so good. And I'm getting back to packing!

Thanks so much for your prayers and words of encouragement to me. I so appreciate them all.

Much love,

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connorcolesmom said...

I found you from Leigh's blog.
Your blog name caught my eye. I love your honesty!! I look forward to reading your posts and do hope you picked the lesser of the 2 evils as well :)
God bless,

Tishia said...

I really needed to read this today (about overwhelm & what God showed you about your burdens). I've been feeling really stressed out over the past week, not sleeping and worrying worrying and it just really hit home reading your post today. It just reminded me that I'm not supposed to let overwhelm settle in or try to carry my burdens but that I'm supposed to let God handle them.

Thanks for sharing this post because it really touched my heart!

ang baylis said...

Hi... you won't believe this! I found you through connorcolesmom! We have been writing back and forth and I've enjoyed her SO much! Anyway... I was just on her blogspot and somehow... here I am!
I liked your name! I'm weird!

I am from Clarkston, Michigan!
I LOVE Kathy Trocolli! My favorite song of hers is "Go Light Your World" and "May I Be His Love".

I'm not sure where you are moving... I will read some of your old posts... maybe you'll tell me!
I am SO glad you are trusting God!
He is HUGE and will make everything work out according to His plan!

I will be back to read more about you!

ConservaChick said...

What a great attitude. Usually when I'm in the middle of packing for a move I'm not even trying to hear God... I'm just running around like crazy stressing out! Ah, now common sense would say that's the perfect time to give your burdens to God, but I'm usually too stressed for common sense to occur. Good luck with the move! ~Karlie

Gayle said...

I just love when He reaches down to meet you right where you are. So glad you were encouraged! :)

Mandalyn said...

It's amazing how He always takes care of us and knows what we need!!

Coach J said...

I just love that image! Our burdens aren't even big enough to need the palm of His hand. How cool is that!
Hope you're making progress today.

Ang said...

The things that seem to sneak up on us and leave us feeling overwhelmed are never a surprise to the Lord. He knew about the change in dates long before you did. Yes, He will make a way. I pray for peace to envelope you and your entire family as you walk with through the next few weeks. The next few weeks will come and go. May you find yourself looking back on them with many good memories and stories of how the Lord carried you through.

Thanks so much for your great speaking advice, as well as for your prayers. I thought I knew what I was going to speak on and then had a change of direction during my quiet time this morning. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do in my life and the lives of the ladies.