Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flying Free

Last summer I received a free airline ticket and was going to give it to a MOPS group in Florida, so I could fly to them for free and speak.
I say "was going to" because plans have changed a bit.
Oh, I am still going to Florida to speak (In April. Oh, how I wish it was today! I want to get away from this c-c-c-cold weather!!!) but I'm not using that free ticket. You see, the day after God sent me an email through my friend, He sent me another one. This time He masked Himself as Priceline.
I was planning to make my flight reservation that day for my Florida trip and when I saw the email "from Priceline," I decided to check it out. You know, just for kicks. I didn't expect there to really be a good deal for me.

Note to Self: Never underestimate the goodness of God.

I could not believe the price I found for a direct flight from Detroit to Orlando. I thought about it for about two seconds, er, fasted and prayed for days, er, called my manager for input. Oh, honestly, I don't think I even spent two seconds contemplating it. I just knew there was no way I was going to use a free ticket when I could buy one for such a low price. So I went ahead and bought the ticket, believing it was a gift from God and trusting He'll reimburse me as He sees fit.

Sooooo, I am going to Ocala, Florida on April 27. It will be an evening event. I'll be speaking twice - with a break for CHOCOLATE in between. And it's open to all women. I'll post more details in the coming months. If you're in the area I would love for you to come!
But, I am not using that free airline ticket.
Which means, I am going to use it to fly somewhere else for free. But I don't know where. This is where you come in. If you are involved in Women's Ministry or a Moms' group and you would like me to come and speak, but you know the plane ticket is outside your budget, please email me. I would like to use this ticket to come to you.
If I get more than one response to this offer, I'll probably just have myself an old-fashioned drawing. Or I'll watch my inbox to see if God sends me more emails from Priceline. *grin*

I am so excited to be able to give this ticket away. I know God already knows where I'll go, and each woman to whom I will speak. I pray He will begin now making the way and preparing the hearts. And I look forward to finding out His plans!

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Leah said...


I'm sure our MOPS group would be so blessed to have you here. Consider coming to North GA with your free ticket!!


Praise and Coffee said...

Very cool story!!! God has big plans for you girl!

Jessica said...

Yay! So glad you got that low priced one. :-) I'll see you in April.

Happyhome said...

I would love for you to come speak to our Gateway Girlfriends in Texas, but I think I have a bit of a selfish agenda as well...we'd get to hang out! God is so amazing! Hugs!

heartreflections said...

I was going to talk to you about coming to Chicago this spring or fall! (Although, you could just drive here and use your free ticket to go somewhere fun!) We're starting a moms group, similar to MOPS, and want a fun speaker to kick it off. Interested? BTW... where did the first free ticket come from?

luvmy4sons said...

God is so good. Looks like you have lots of offers.. You sure are going to be busy! What a blessing you must be to many people! Today after hours of sleet and freezing rain followed by hours of snow...I too wish I were in Florida!

Mrs. Sidney said...


I pray God leads you to the right place to share His message.

I just started a Praise and Coffee Night in San Diego and am currently looking for speakers for the next couple of months. I am completely leaving it in God's hands and I would love for you to come speak.

Our first night is February 19th (no speaker as of yet). I will be praying for you (March, April & May dates haven't been set yet)!!


greta said...

What is a Praise and Coffee Night???

And I can't wait to see you in April! Lots of women are getting excited here and spreading the word!!!

If anyone has questions on the Ocala, April 27th event, have them email me at

Love you!

Winging It said...

I am so very much looking forward to April! Sounds like you have a great year shaping up, Karen! I am rejoicing with you!

I too want to know more about these Praise and Coffee nights...Mel has been mentioning them...