Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Am I Doing This???

The temperature is well below the freezing point this morning. In fact, my computer says it's two degrees. But I am choosing to not believe its accuracy.
I'm thinking back to yesterday when it was about the same - and how cold I was between 8:15 and 8:35. I'm remembering the cold legs, the frozen cheeks, and the frost on my eyelashes. I am looking at the clock which tells me it's time to start again, and I'm wondering, Why am I doing this?
I could just grab my keys and get in the van and drive the boys to school. Then we wouldn't need to leave until about 8:23. And if I went out and started the van early, we could even have a warm ride.
Yeah. I could do that.

So, why am I doing this?

Why do I walk my boys to school every morning and go back every afternoon to pick them up - in this freezing cold weather? Am I out of my mind?
Don't answer that! *grin*

I'll tell you why.
*Because Matthew always holds my hand when we walk to and from school. Always.
*Because I get to observe my sons talking to each other about teachers and activities and interests. For ten minutes (most mornings and afternoons) they aren't fighting with each other, and I cherish those moments.
*Because I get to participate in the conversation, too.
*Because every morning when we get to the play ground by the school both of my boys give me hugs and tell me they love me.
*Because the other day after school I got to listen to Joshua tell me that he sits behind a girl who is friends with a girl that Joshua's friend "like-likes." And Joshua told this girl that his friend like-likes her friend. And now that girl is going to tell her friend about Joshua's friend.
And I laughed inside because I remember being a fifth-grader, too.
*Because none of these things happen when we're in the van for two minutes - me in front, and the boys in back.
*And because I am following the stories of a couple boys on Caring Bridge who are sick with cancer. I know their parents would give anything to have their sons healthy and able to walk to school - even when it's really cold outside.

So we're all bundling up - I've got my long underwear on today! - and we're heading out the door for a ten minute walk to school.
I'll hold Matthew's hand.
When the wind blows hard in my face I'll probably get a little teary and then the frost will form on my eyelashes.
The boys will complain about their art teacher taking too much time "reviewing" and not giving them enough time to work on their project.
We'll run down the hill to enjoy the effects of gravity.
And by the time we make it to school, we'll probably be talking about watching the guys on Myth Busters blowing things up.
Joshua will hug me and we'll say our I love yous. Matthew will probably linger for a longer hug, and for a moment I'll forget about how cold I am.
Then I'll walk back home with a smile *frozen* on my face, as I think about what a blessed mom I am. And I'll thank God for my warm house as soon as I open the door!

Last November or December I did tell the boys I would be willing to drive them to school when the weather got really cold, if they wanted me to. But both of them insisted they would rather walk. I love that they enjoy our walks to school, and I pray they will remember these times fondly in the years to come.
Do you have a special thing you do (or did) with your children that other people may think is crazy? I'd love to hear about it!

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Jessica said...

wow! That is SO sweet. It's nice that you're close enough to walk.

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, a special thing? I don't know. Just the normal stuff, chase them around, try to eat their bellybuttons. LOL

Dakota's Mom said...

Yep, I still drive Dakota around a loop that takes an hour for her to take a nap on the weekends. It's my quiet time for reflection and prayer and dreams. It's kind of out in the country (as country as Arizona can get) where there's hardly any traffic. Sigh.....you get it. Cheers to you for braving the winter!

Mrs. Sidney said...

I don't know if I do anything as crazy as braving the winter cold (since it was 38 this morning and I thought I was going to die).

Since Noodle sneaks in my bed when my hubby leaves for work I like to sing, tickle and give him lovies to wake him up. I love the sound of his laughter in the morning and he loves pretending he is falling back to sleep to get more attention.

I can't wait for next year when I can walk him to school.... if my job still permits me having my morning with Noodle. :-)

km said...

That is so precious. I needed that reminder too. My kids love it when all snuggle in my bed and read. I'll even turn on the electric blanket for them. (that's what we do on cold days) They love to help cook. The LOVE when I play legos with them. They think it's cool that they have a mom that knows how to build stuff. Way to put my architecture degree to use. And they love it when we do art. Really...they LOVE the time we spend together. And we're together A LOT because we homeschool. I'm pretty sure many people think we're crazy. But, I love getting to spend my days with them. I know that there are days when I even wonder about my santiy...but it works for us. I need to cherish our days.

Slowly Dying.. said...

Maybe you will start a new fashion trend; winter-lashes! :) Really, it's great that you are enjoying that special time with Matthew & Joshua.

My five-year-old daughter and I have a girl's only date. She gets to choose where we eat and what we do afterward. We talk, and these are usually the times she asks me about "girl stuff" and I answer as best I can without overwhelming her. She loves telling her daddy what she learned.

I do the same with my three-year-old son. Our conversations are just more about him being ready to go look at the toys.


Winging It said...

What a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL thing you are doing - you are so right to do this, and fortunate to be able to! We (in our culture) oftenmiss these treasures in the busy business of life.

Confession, my son likes a foot massage from time to time, and usually it leads to good conversation....also for me to listen to a song he likes...same thing...and I know Tv is not "in" with most parents, but he has always loved to have a favorite TV show to watch together. And it always, always leads to discussions...

Way to go!

Edie said...

Aww that is so cool. (no pun intended.) I know that will be a keeper memory for them as they get older. I love Myth Busters too. :)

Happyhome said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!! Oh the memories you are making for your children...that is so awesome!

My daughter is 4 & she LOVES to help me cook...I love it too & beleive it or not, she's pretty good at it! ;)


graceunbound said...

That is so great. I envy the moms that live close enough to school to walk even in the cold weather. We live a mile away so it's just not practical, but in warmer weather they bike and I run. To me that is a special time.

I love mornings when they both come crawl into bed with us, although they usually end up kicking me out now because our bed isn't big enough for 2 adults and 2 growing boys. Not really that crazy I guess. I suppose some people would think it is crazy that I still give boys of their age kisses and snuggles in public, but as long as they want it I'll keep doing it!

Alison Sieffert said...

YOur blog was so sweet today. It inspires me to be more "present" and "Intentional" with my boys. Time rushes by so fast, and I too often get caught up in the "whats" on not the "whos". Thanks for your vision.