Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shower Talk

Each of my kids has this "thing" with having either Brian or I come into the bathroom and talk to them while they're taking their showers. When I say, "It's time for your shower," the very next words spoken are sure to be, "Will you talk to me?" Sometimes I honestly don't want to stop what I'm doing to talk, but I am reminded there will come a day when they won't want to talk to me as much. I know I need to cherish this time. Blah, blah, blah.
Seriously, this shower talk can be very precious. We've had some good conversations over shampoo and conditioner.
And the other night, God got in on it, too. Used the very words I spoke to Matthew to speak to me. See if you can catch it.

Matthew: I'm almost done.
Me: That's great, Matthew. See? When you do as you're told, instead of messing around, you get things done quickly.
Matthew: Yeah.
Me: You're doing a good job.
Matthew: Thanks.
Me: Hey, Matthew, since we're talking about it, you know what I'd like to see?
Matthew: What?
Me: I'd really like it if you would do things the first time I tell you. Tonight I had to tell you lots of times to get ready for bed, didn't I?
Matthew: Yes.
Me: I shouldn't have to tell you that many times, honey. Once should be enough. I should only have to tell you one time to do something. And if you would do it that first time, things would go a lot better, wouldn't they?

Oooh! Right there!

I heard myself saying those words, but God - Himself - was speaking to me. I leaned my head against the wall and prayed. You're right, Lord. I am sorry for not listening and obeying as I should. Thank You for Your patience with me. Please help me to extend that same grace to Matthew.

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luvmy4sons said...

I like the shower talks. I have done it before...not as regularly...but you havea captive audience! That was a precious coversation. How often do we see our relationship with God reflected in our relationship with our children? No wonder God designed the family!

Leah said...

Oh if only we would learn to obey immediately when God speaks our lives would be richer, fuller, more intimate and much more productive.
Thanks for the wonderful reflections.


Jessica said...

My son's name is Matthew. He's four. I have to tell him something so many times...This is very cute that you talk to them when they're in the shower. You're right. Someday they won't want this.
Interesting point about God. I was so busy thinking about my Matthew that I didn't consider my own self.

Justin and Mary said...

Ha! If only I could do things the first time God told me to. Life would be better! But He practically has to hit me over the head to get me to hear what He's saying sometimes...over and over and over. I'm glad He never tires of repeating things to me. Another great lesson to keep in mind as Rebecca gets older. She's already starting to show her independance and defiance. So I'm sure I'll have to remember it soon.

Staceystace said...

Yeah! My son was jabbering away the other night when he took a shower in my bathroom. I was in my bedroom reading, kind of annoyed that he kept interrupting and I did the uh-huh thing ever so often. Then he said, "Mom, you are not even trying to have a conversation with me." I thought, "I am an idiot! My son is trying to initiate a conversation with the comments and questions he seems to randomly throw out - and I am shrugging him off!"

I'm glad you had an opportunity to nurture and teach Brian...and that you had the wisdom to realize that the seemingly unimportant duties of the day provide lots of opportunities to speak a word in season!

Stacey said...

Right before I read this I was just having an identical conversation with my 4 year old twin daughters. And God has used your post to stop me in my tracks and take a good look at my own heart.

I love it when the Lord catches our attention (however He may choose to do it) because it reminds me that His love is unending. He doesn't tire of my human-ness (is that even a word??)....He just keeps guiding me and teaching me. I am reminded that God wants to continue to mold me into His image. Pretty cool!

Thanks, Karen :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

So neat Karen!! You are such a great mom!! Love your heart!! =)

Amanda said...

Your ability to stop in the moment and understand what God's really saying is amazing!!

Great lesson forus all...

God bless-

On Purpose said...

For these moments are sometimes so hard to swallow...but they truly are such precious gifts...just like His word tells us...children are gifts from the Lord...and if we allow these moments to reach our hearts...I have some many of these moments...when I have about half of my sentence out and my heart gets convicted and I can see My Heavenly Father smiling up above...with a little twinkle in His eye..."see Nichole it all comes around!"

Karen you truly are a blessing to this world to share your testimony of being a mom...for you lift many mommy hearts right up to Jesus! Thank you, bless you today!

Winging It said...

How many times has the Lord spoken to me through my children? But, this is good, bc you heard it even in what you were saying to him...that is such a listening teachable heart you have!

My youngest is 16 and he likes his space, BUT even as independent as he is he still likes me to hang out with him, listen to music that he is in to or watch a favortie TV show together, and then there is always "watch this" in what ever the sport of the month is! Skateboarding is it right now!

Your kids always grab my heart in these glimpses!