Thursday, December 03, 2009

My New Look

Soooo, what do you think?

Edie is such a talented woman, and I hope you like the new look she's given me here as much as I do. Remember that I asked her to create a look that conveys a feeling of hope and peace? But that I also wanted to portray real? I don't ever want someone to come over here and think I have this whole mothering thing figured out, and that I never struggle.
So, Edie took that guidance and went to work. And this is what she created.
Now - as promised - you get to participate in the fun, too. Take a look around and see if you can determine what it is Edie included to convey that sense of real.
Then visit her Graphics Blog and tell her what you think that piece is. Edie will randomly pick a winner from all correct entries, and that person will win their choice of my books.
Hurry! Edie will have the drawing at 10pm EST today.



LisaShaw said...

Good morning Karen,

As always the LORD has used Edie to do a beautiful work. I like your photos especially on the header. Beautiful blog design.



Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

Nooooooo, Edie's site is one of the ones that I have trouble opening!

Okay, with that out of the way, I really do like your new look! Edie is an awesome person who is even more awesome because she uses her talent for God!

I really like the way "SURVIVING" is. It seems as if it is saying that you have been through some things, (motherhood is tough), however, you are surviving it.

Very neat!


KelliGirl said...

Hi Karen,
I love your new look. Very clean and inviting! ♦

luvmy4sons said...

I love it! I love the faces! Precious! Great job! Thanks too for your visit today by my place! It is good to have such an open and honest mother out there who gets it! Who gets me! Hugs!

Praise and Coffee said...

Karen, it is beautiful!!! Doesn't if feel like redecorating room or something?? I love getting a new look on the web!!!

Have a great weekend,

Deirdre said...

love it. So many times these days when someone gets a new blog design it is too, ...bling intensive for me to even read it. I like simple. elegant. good design.

oh, and thanks for the link in your blog roll! I'm humbled beyond measure.

Alene said...

Edie out did herself! This is totally awesome. Great to stop by again. Blessings my friend. Alene

Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for the visit to Family Fountain and for signing up for the book with Lisa Shaw. Larie of Proverbs 27:19 did a review of it last week.

You have a nice blog. The recordings/videos are neat. They add a real personal element.

And I see you have written a couple of books, too. Very good. God's blessings upon your family and work. wb

O Mom said...

It's SO pretty and I'm so happy you kept it PINK! I love that the cross is placed right behind the 'frazled' picture of you. it's like no matter what we're feeling He is right there!

Leah Adams said...


I love the simplicity of your new design. Congratulations!!

Stop by over at The Point if you have a minute and register for my Christmas giveaway.


Mary Jo said...

nice and clean and fresh! Looks great! Love it! :)

On Purpose said...

Very fun! This looks great Karen!! I love the pictures on top!!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!! And definitely peaceful!! LOVE the colors & the photos...especially the "what am I gonna do?" photo with the Cross above it...strategically placed too! ;)

Also, the way the word "surviving" looks worn & tattered, yet, bold & strong...visually depicts the word, "surviving"!

Now, I'm rushing over to Edie to put me in the running for one of your books!! ;)

Patricia nyc

Jackie said...

Congrats on your new look!! Edie designed my site also ........ she great isn't she - such a blessing!

Hope you'll stop by Fresh Oil Today and enter my Christmas giveaway!!

Sweet Blessings!

Angie Muresan said...

I like it a lot! It looks serious and grown-up. And just to say something else, you wear your faith on your sleeve the way you should. You're an authentic Christian, my friend.

Jessica Nelson said...

I love it. Especially the pic on the far right. LOL That's my face 24/7. Heehee.

Edie did a great job!

Edie said...

I love YOU my friend. :)

Heaven said...

love it, love it, love it!

Karen Hossink said...

I am so pleased to read that you all like the new layout. Yes - Edie does great work. And I'm telling you - getting to know her better through the design process has been the best part of the whole thing for me.
I'm glad you like the simplicty of this look, too. Since we women are overwhelmed enough with all the other "stuff" in our lives, I didn't want you to feel overwhelmed with too much to look at when you came over here.

Simple. And real.

Kinda reminds me of my Jesus.
Oh, but He is so much MORE!

Thanks - everyone - for the encouraging feedback. Love you all!


happyhome said...

Love it! Very cute pics and new design. Hugs!

kreed said...

Love it! It looks very clean and fresh and peaceful...that sounds strange now that I typed it, but there it is!

tkpatch said...

I love the new face look on my favorite blog spot! Looks great Karen! Thanks for surviving motherhood!