Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today I'm @ Faith, Family and Fun

It's the same every day.
At 8:10 my son and I stand on the corner waiting for our neighbor, and then the three of us walk to school.
The boys will lag behind and I'll tell them to keep coming. Then they'll run ahead and turn around to wait for me.
They'll grab sticks laying by the road and pretend to shoot passing cars. (If you drive by us, don't worry. They're harmless!)
At some point, there's usually talk about the latest game in gym class, and more recently - what's on top of the Christmas wish-list.

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Patricia/NYC said...

I love your parting words to Matthew...what a wonderful start to his day & I am sure those very words will keep him "rooted".

Everynight at bedtime Kiara & I say to each other: Love you to Jesus' heart & back again (she actually started saying to us first!! Out of the mouths of babes for sure!)

I also tell her:

"God has chosen you to be his treasured possession" (Deut. 14:2)

Like you, I pray every day for her strength to rely on the Lord & her family values to carry her through!

Great post, Karen!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks, Patricia. I do pray God will firmly plant these truths in Matthew's heart!
And what a wonderful thing you're doing for Kiara. Our children need to know these things, and who is going to tell them if we don't?

Angie Muresan said...

You're a wonderful mother, Karen! I love how your parting words. I might start saying them to my kids too, and whisper them over their sleeping heads.

Irritable Mother said...

Angie - Thank you. I think it would be wonderful for you to say them to your kids, too. Wonderful!