Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unplanned Interruption

OK, so I made it home.
After a delay on the runway in Philidelphia.
Which made me miss my connecting flight in Atlanta.
Which meant a few extra hours in the Atlanta airport.
Which really wasn't so bad. I spent the time working on a talk for an upcoming retreat, enjoying the opportunity to be in God's presence.
And when I got home late Monday night, I found out our phone and internet are out. 'They' say it will be back before the end of the business day Friday. Sheesh! Don't hurry! *wink*

Sooo, I'm using the computer at the library while I've stopped in to pick up books for my little bookworm (Because she can't be without BOTH internet and books!) to let you know, I don't know when I'll be back to regular posting.

But I do know God is good. All the time.

And that's really all that matters!

Love to you,



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Welcome back, friend. I feel your pain....I was without internet for 3 1/2 days over the weekend. For heaven's sake, it felt like someone had disengaged my right arm from my body! Yikes, it is scary how attached we are to this thing called the internet.

Hope your visit was wonderful.


2Thinks said...

oh the trials...I sure would love to hear you speak in person someday...I'll look at your schedule and see when you'll be near me...

BASSakward Tales said...

although i have not posted anything in a while i have been following your inspirational posts...i have had some serious medical issues = sudden onset of grand mal seizures that resulted in a broken shoulder...had to have surgery on the shoulder for the third i have been limited as to what i could beginning to limber up....i have worked in long term care for the past 16 years and absolutely love it...i had to resign due to medical reasons in june but i miss it takes special people to work with this population and i think your retirement home has gotten just the right person....if you are ever going to be speaking in alabama please let me know...i would love to not only come hear you speak but meet are a true blessing to me....