Friday, November 02, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

Simple appreciation makes a significant impact.

We had a party at Edgewood this week.
A Halloween party.
And - while I had wonderful support from the kitchen staff, and some great volunteers - I worked my hiney off!
There's always just so much to do. Planning, purchasing, organizing, checking and double-checking, decorating, promoting, and then carrying it out and cleaning everything up. *phew!* Even with great volunteers it makes me tired!

So Wednesday, after everyone had left and I was alone in the dining room wiping down a couple final tables, I was surprised when the door opened.
I looked up and saw F. You would know him from 50 yards away because of his great big smile and hearty Hello! I returned his greeting and he told me he just wanted to come in and thank me for the Halloween party. He said, "You work so hard. You just work and work and work. Thank you!!!" With that, F smiled his great big smile, waved at me, then turned and walked away.
And if I had a mirror, I think I may have discovered a smile on my face as big as the one I love so much on F. The notice he took of my efforts, and the time he took to express it made me forget how tired I was in the moment. In fact, even as I think of it now - I'm smiling. :)

Simple appreciation makes a significant impact.


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