Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spot, the Snapping Turtle

Have I mentioned here before how much Joshua loves his critters?
Oh, does he ever!!!!
Last week Joshua made this video of Spot - the snapping turtle which has been his pet for the past 13 or 14 months. Since making the video, Joshua has had another turtle lover contact him with questions about his own turtle. It has been a delight to see Joshua excited about offering help and advice to this other young man. He takes it all so seriously - wanting to word everything correctly, and give just the right suggestions. I guess it's his way of paying someone back, as Joshua has often been the beneficiary of other people's turtle knowledge.

All that to say, here's a cute little video for your viewing pleasure. And for those of you moms out there with a son who is constantly bringing critters home - hang in there! One day you will be delighted to see him growing in responsibly caring for his critters - and eagerly sharing his knowledge with other critter-lovers.
I'm sure of it! :)


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