Friday, April 29, 2016

Tee Hee at GLC

OK, so I'm tweaking this week's post a bit.
While I usually write about something touching which happened at work - with the hopes of inspiring us all to look for ways in our lives that we might demonstrate TLC - today I want to share a moment from this week which really just made me laugh.

I was at work Sunday afternoon when one of our new ladies was escorted into the building by someone who had taken her to church. Because she is still learning her way around the building, I offered to walk her back to her apartment. When we got there and went inside, she asked me about a message on her phone which was advising her to check the connection. The phone had no dial tone, so I did some looking around and discovered it wasn't properly connected. However, after I had plugged the line into the wall-jack there was still no dial tone.
I ended up on the phone (My cellphone, that is.) talking to Comcast in an attempt to find out if she had phone service from them. After much ado and phone calls to her sons, we got our answer: Phone service is forthcoming. And, in the meantime, she is to rely on her cellphone.

Her cellphone seemed to have problems. That is, when I called it with mine it wasn't ringing. I noticed, however, that the screen lit up when my call came in so I knew there was a connection somewhere. And decided to check her sound settings.
Sure enough, it was set to "vibrate". So I switched it to ring, rather than vibrate. Then I called the phone with mine, to make sure it would ring.
It did. :)

The ring volume was too low for her to hear well.
So, I adjusted it to "high".
And I called it again to assure everything was good.
It was.

When we were talking on our phones, she discovered she was having a hard time hearing me. So I adjusted the volume for the ear-piece until it was at the appropriate level for her.

When all was said and done, one of her friends (who had come over while I was on the phone with Comcast) indicated the adjustments I had made to the cellphone and said with a chuckle, "Isn't it nice to have young people around who know how to use these things??!!"
I gave a hearty laugh, and asked her - please - to reference me in a statement like that to my kids.
Imagine me, a "young person" who knows "how to use these things."
And I don't even have a smart phone!!! *grin*


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