Thursday, April 21, 2016

Then There Was Florida

I could probably just let this picture say everything for me about our time in Florida.

It was sunny and beautiful and peaceful. Just like this picture.

We enjoyed time with family. That is my sister, brother-in-law, and niece live there - and my parents were visiting my sister, too. So we got to see them all. We went to an Alligator Zoo and climbed on a suspended obstacle/zip-line course. (Which happened to be right over the alligators. So on occasion if you slipped, you could imagine falling into the jaws of one of those hungry creatures. Haha!) We went to the beach and hung out by the pool. We attended a dinner-theater show. And we took a kayak tour of the intracoastal waterways.
Our supreme enjoyment of the sunshine and warmth *may* have been enhanced by the knowledge that it was snowing at home. But I would never say that out loud, for fear of retribution from my friends who were stuck in it. *wink*

We did get to experience some of that weather, though, as we drove through snow and ice on our way home. And even got to see the snow still on the ground for a day, or so. At that point, I was reminding myself of the conversation I'd had with our tour guide on the kayak trip - who said he couldn't imagine living in such COLD. "I would totally rather put up with snow for a couple months than have to live through hurricanes." Yeah. Easy to say when you're on the peaceful waters in the sunshine - with no trace of snow in the air.

Nevertheless, if it happens to snow here again before next winter (Which we all know it could. This IS Michigan!) I'll just look at this picture, click my heels together and repeat, "There's no place like Florida!"

Think it'll work???


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