Friday, April 22, 2016


One of my special friends at GLC is a man who used to live in Mexico. With my (very!) limited Spanish I enjoy greeting him, and try to have short conversations. Of course, I have told him all about Elizabeth - and I plan to bring her in to GLC to meet him when she gets home. So they can both savor a good Spanish conversation.
One of the things this man and I usually end up discussing is Mexican cuisine. Oh, he gets very animated and happy when he talks about his favorite foods. By listening to him speak in detail about ingredients and processes, and by watching his hands as he pantomimes adding spices to the dish he's describing, it is easy to determine that he has prepared more than a few of these delicacies in his day. And in the midst of one such description this week, I got the idea that we should have him prepare one of his dishes for our Cinco de Mayo celebration.
I shared the idea with my supervisor, and she's on board.
Now we just need to look into the logistics to see if we can really make it happen.
And this prospect has me very excited. Not only because I might be able to taste some authentic Mexican food. But because I just cannot wait to see how pleased my friend will be when he has the opportunity to "get in the cocina" and cook. If you could see the way his face lights up every time he starts describing one of his favorite recipes - you would feel my joy, too.

What a delight it will be to see him full of such elation.

Is there someone in your life who has a special hobby or passion? Why not show them some TLC by finding a way for them to engage in that activity in the coming days?


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