Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When HE Speaks into My Frustration

I have just about had all I can take of my dog, I'm tellin' ya.

She has a bad habit of peeing on the carpeting. And laying on the couch when we aren't home. (Or when we're sleeping.) And I know she's been on the couch because her fur is
OK. I guess those are her only transgressions.
But they're driving me NUTS!
I mean, I am the one who cleans up after her and it's getting OLD.


Furthermore, Brian and I would like to get new carpeting in our home. But there is NO WAY we're doing it as long as Mindy is still around. Because if we put in new carpet, and she pees on that? Oh, I would get so angry!
So, I have noticed over the past month, or so, that I have been feeling less and less affection for that doggy.
And then something happened in my heart last night.
Brian and I were in the kitchen and I was complaining about another "accident" she had on the carpeting yesterday morning. In a semi-joking manner Brian asked, "Shall we put 'er down?" I probably elbowed him as I responded, "Of course not!" But we proceeded to bemoan her faults.
Then I looked at her, laying on the floor - head resting on her paws - with sad eyes looking up at us. I said wistfully, "I remember when she was a puppy and I just loved her so much," as I recalled the times she would snuggle on my lap and listen to me reading the Bible.

And that's just about the moment it happened.

God spoke to my heart through that annoying dog, just like He used to when she was a sweet puppy. I looked at Brian and I said, "Wow. I sure am glad God's love for me doesn't change according to my behavior and adorability." (Yes. I totally made up that word!) And I went on to mock myself with what He might say if His love were fickle like mine can be.

Whoa! Look at what Karen did. Lost her temper again and now I have to clean up her mess. Again.

Oh, she didn't! Another episode of not knowing what to do. And she wants ME to help.

Really, Karen? Must we go over this again? Can't you just trust Me the first time around?

I thought about God's gracious, unconditional love. I thanked Him for not loving me based upon what I do, or how cute I am. But because He has chosen to love me. Because loving humankind is His heartbeat. Oh, how thankful I am!

Then I bent over a brushed a clump of dog hair off my jeans which Mindy had left there when she leaned against me. Did I mention she sheds like a maniac? Ugh. I am sick of cleaning up after that dog!

*ahem* Sometimes lessons take a while to sink in for me.


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