Friday, November 18, 2016

On a Balance Beam

What's a mom to do?

See, I have this son who keeps getting disappointed by things outside his control not going the way he wishes they would go. And, as someone with deep faith in God and - oh - 26 years more life experience than him, I realize none of what he's facing is going to cause the world to come to an end.
I know he's going to survive.
Ultimately, I have confidence that he'll grow through the struggle.
So, sometimes I have difficulty feeling true compassion when he's moping around and complaining.
That is, sometimes I want to sit him down and lay it out - Get over it, son. In the grand scheme of things, this really isn't a big deal.

And, yet.

And, yet - I remember a situation which happened in my teenage life that wasn't tended carefully. It was a big, BIG deal to me and I was told, "You'll laugh at this when you're older."
Yeah, well? I haven't started laughing yet.
I think that's because the wound still hurts.
Not the wound from the big, BIG deal, that is. (I got over that a long time ago.) I'm referring to the wound from the "you'll laugh" comment.
That one still kinda hurts.

And so, here I find myself. Looking for the balance between coddling, and cold reality. I want to be sympathetic to my son's frustration - without catering to his sullenness. And I want to encourage him in truth - without bulldozing his feelings.
Yeah. And, his quick-to-get-upset nature makes this task extra tricky.
Lord, You know my son better than I do. Please help me as I walk this balance beam.

Any other moms needing to pray this prayer with me today?


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