Friday, November 04, 2016

HE is Faithful


It's been a really long day. And we have dance class tonight. And I'm kinda feeling like crashing.
But there's laundry to start.
Nahhhh! I'll get to that tomorrow.
And dinner. Gotta make dinner.
And Josh's Jeep is ready to pick up. Gotta get that done. *ahem*

And so, you see, there is really no time to post a blog entry.
Except this morning I spoke to a group of wonderful mothers, and their leader gave such a nice plug for my blog, and encouraged them all to visit. And now if I don't have something posted for them, well, what good is that? *no pressure*

Ahhhhh, I jest!
Not about the list of things to get done, that is.
Rather, about writing this post.
You see, this morning I was blessed to experience God's faithfulness yet again, and I am so delighted to tell you about it.
As this particular speaking engagement was approaching, I was under the impression that it was my first time visiting this moms' group. Because I didn't recognize the name of the church, and I didn't recognize the driving directions. For that matter, even when I drove up to the church - it didn't look familiar to me.
But when I walked inside I thought, Woah. This really looks like a church I've been in before. And when someone was leading me downstairs to the meeting area, it sure felt like I'd been this way before.
But for the moment I thought, Eh? Maybe they had the same architect?
And I continued on.
Right into the meeting area, when I could not possibly deny - I had spoken for this group before.
No question.
Everything was familiar.
Except my recollection of how long it had been.
Well, at least three years, because I was "new" to the coordinator. *wink*
But I honestly had a moment of panic. Should I completely change my talk today? Nobody is going to want to hear what they've heard before, are they???
Yet, as I sat with a table of moms before the meeting got started, God assured me through their conversation that this was HIS plan all along. As in, some of what they were saying nearly sounded like it came right off my notes. And when the meeting was over, I spoke with several moms who told me the message God brought through me was exactly the one they needed to hear.

Yes, once again - God showed me He is in control. HE knows the last time I was at that church. HE knew so when today's talk was scheduled. HE knew who'd heard it before, who needed to hear it again, and who would hear it for the very first time.
No redundancies in HIS plans.
Just faithful perfection.
And I am so thankful.

How have you seen God's faithfulness in your life this week?


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