Thursday, November 03, 2016

What Shall I Wear?

Yes, that question went through my mind as I anticipated accompanying my son to the repair shop to pick up his Jeep.

It really did.

Because, you see, I was wearing my "Blessed, Saved, Loved by Jesus" shirt. And our interaction with the folks at the repair shop would likely be, uh, tense. Because, you see, the service has not been what we expect, so I am expecting a discount in what they charge my son for their work.
So much so, that I am ready to stand up for him, and demand it.
Which is why I was questioning my attire.
I thought, If I insist their service has not been worthy of full payment, if I tell them we are not at all satisfied with the way our situation has been handled - are they going to think I'm a *beep* and wonder why I'm wearing this shirt? Am I going to give Jesus a bad name??? And I considered changing my clothes, so as not to defame Him.
But then I reassessed myself. I thought, I can't take off my Jesus shirt just so I can tell these people the truth about their service. I represent Him whether I physically bear His Name, or not! No, I need to speak the truth in love. And began to understand that - by the grace of God and the help of His Spirit - I need to support my son and stand up for what is right, without tearing the shop owners down or dishonoring Jesus.

But, alas, another day has come and gone without a call to say, "Your Jeep is fixed. Come and get it!"
And I got make-up on my shirt, so I'm going to have to wash it before I wear it again. And, surely(!) the Jeep will be ready before that happens. So, I won't be wearing this shirt when we go pick up the Jeep and have our conversation about a (deep) discount.
But none of that matters.
Because God reminded me today that I am His ambassador no matter what shirt I have on.
Wherever I go, I am wearing Jesus. And I want to wear Him well!


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