Friday, March 31, 2017

God is Faithful

Once a month I speak at chapel for the Lansing City Rescue Mission's women's shelter.
Last night was my March night.
And, once again, God delighted me by displaying His faithfulness.

When I was there in January I met a precious woman who had been at the Mission for just a couple of weeks. She was visibly responding to the message I shared, and I could tell God was stirring her heart - so I sought her out after chapel to talk with her. "H" told me her story, we prayed, and I was incredibly touched by both her pain and her hope.
Before the February chapel service began I saw H and she told me with great excitement that she had just gotten a job. After chapel she told me about the process she'd gone through in finding the job. It was a wonderful story of seeking and waiting and trusting, and the joy H exuded was contagious. I was so happy to be able to witness God's move in her life, and have thought of and prayed for her many times over the past several weeks.
So, last night I was eager to see H again and ask how her new job is going. We sat together after the chapel service and she told me, "Oh! It's wonderful!!!" With a tear in her eye she went on to share that her boss is very pleased with H's performance and just the other day gave her a connection to help H get into an apartment. H told her boss she hadn't expected to be so cared for at work - that her boss's kind gesture was beyond what she had even hoped for.
I had closed my message by singing "My Life is in Your Hands" and H told me when I was singing it was as if God said to her, Yes. Your life is in My hands.

I realize that God's work in H's life may mean she isn't at the shelter when I go back in April. But this is one case in which I will not be disappointed if I don't get to see my friend again.
Because God is faithful.
Because H is in His hands.
And because I know we can trust Him.



Unknown said...

Thanks for serving with us, Karen. We see God work in the lives of our guests every day. Thanks for reaching out to our guests by sharing God's love and really caring for them. Kathy D.

Karen Hossink said...

Kathy - It is my true delight to serve alongside you at the Mission. I am thankful for the opportunity to share God's Word and His love!