Friday, December 08, 2017

Touched by an Angel

I don't know how long Angel has been walking with Jesus.
I just know she loves Him.

And this week when I visited, I got a glimpse at how much she loves His Word, too.
Since conversation is sometimes hard to keep going with Angel I decided to bring my Bible along this time and offer to read to her. (But I didn't realize how much she would enjoy my idea.)
Actually, when I first arrived I wasn't even sure I would end up reading to her. Angel was more alert, and more verbal than I had ever seen, and I wondered if we might just sit and talk. But after a few moments I told her, "I brought my Bible along today in case you might like me to read to you. Would you like me to read the Bible?"
The smile on her face told me all I needed to know.
So I opened up to Luke 1 and started reading.
The experience was reminiscent of the times I have prayed with her. Because as I read about angels speaking, about Mary trusting, and about nothing being impossible with God, I heard Angel saying, "Mmhmm. Yes, Lord. Amen." It was beautiful to share those moments with her, basking in the goodness of our God.
And when I had stopped reading for a few minutes, and we were talking about Christmas and family and stuff, Angel suddenly said, "Read to me some more."
Just like that.
"Read to me some more."
So I picked my Bible back up and I read about a trip to Bethlehem, the birth of a baby, and a bunch of shepherds who heard good news of great joy. And, again, my reading was accompanied by, "Mmhmm. Yes, Lord. Amen."
This time, I think I was the one with the bigger smile as I pondered the fact that this dear woman has likely been hearing the narrative of Jesus' birth for a hundred years - a hundred years! - and she hasn't grown tired of it.
"Read to me some more," she said. "Read to me some more."
And with that eagerness for God's Word, Angel touched my heart again.

I pray that if I live another 54 years I will still be as smitten with God and His Word as Angel is today!


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