Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Even So

My Precepts class is on a break right now, so I have been spending time on another Bible study for the past couple of weeks.
The most recent lesson was looking at Abraham and Sarah - and the impossible situation they faced in believing they would become parents at their very old age. But we were reminded, Nothing is too difficult for the LORD. (Gen. 18:14)
Indeed. HE can do anything.
HE can even allow a 90-year-old woman and a 100-year-old man to become first-time parents.

As the day's study came to a close we were challenged to examine our own lives in search of impossible situations to which we need to apply Sarah-like faith. And it didn't take me long to recognize the situation before me which seems humanly impossible.
I journaled:
Yep. I'm still waiting, Lord. And You give me glimpses of hope, yet the situation still seems impossible.
Even so, LORD, You have promised, and I believe!
And here I sit, realizing that if God gave a child to Sarah and Abraham as He promised He would, HE is certainly able to fulfill His promise to me.
Even so, LORD, I believe!

Do you have an "Even So"?


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