Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Moving Day

It was almost 21 years ago that my son made his first move - from my womb into the world. (The actual anniversary of said "move" is Sunday.) He moved from depending on me (my body!) for everything, to letting his own little body function for itself - as it had been preparing to do for 9 months.
And today that son of mine is making another move. One of greater distance, and perhaps more significance. I say "more significance" because that first move still had him pretty dependent on me. Though he could eat and breathe on his own, he couldn't do much without my help.
But today?
Today that boy man is moving out of my home and into his own apartment.
And it's a good thing, really. It's time. He's ready to take this step of independence. He wants to grow up more, and he knows this decision will cause him to do just that.

I have to say, though, the past several weeks while I have watched him prepare for today have been interesting. And I mean "interesting" in a good way.
For one, my husband and I have become smarter. That is, this son of ours has become remarkably more interested in our input on things like budgeting and daily living.
For two, I have become a better cook. At least this son of mine has been markedly more verbal in his appreciation for the meals I prepare.
And, for three, purchase decisions have become a matter of thorough contemplation and consideration. Because "somebody" now has a greater financial commitment in life and he's thinking hard about his bottom line.

These changes which I have observed (not to mention God's gracious remninder for me to BELIEVE His promise) are building my confidence in letting my son spread his wings to fly. He only had nine months to prepare for his move into this world. But for nearly 21 years we've been preparing him for today's move. And, by the grace of God, I believe he's ready.

I just hope he finds a way to subsist on more than Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches!



Heaven said...

When my oldest son first moved out, he was 17. He moved in with his girlfriend and her parents because he didn't want to follow my rules anymore. When they broke up, he moved into his first apartment alone. What a "wake up" it was for him! He truly started becoming the man God called him to be. Well, not at first. It took a little bit. But I still was the one he called when he needed a "mommy" touch. I loved taking homemade meals to him and loved taking him out to eat or to help him with laundry when he got overwhelmed by it. I had the opportunity to bring him toilet paper when he ran out and didn't have the money to buy the simple necessities. Our relationship went to a whole other level as he maneuvered his way to figure out this new adult life. I had times when it was heartbreaking to watch him walk through hard times and times of great joy when he would "get it right" and beamed with pride. It's a whole new world as a mom. I pray you find joy in this new season of both of your lives.

Karen Hossink said...

Thank you, Heaven.
It's funny. After being a mom for nearly 23 years I thought I was finished learning "new" things. Not so much! Still so much uncharted ground to cover as I watch my children become adults. I appreciate your insight and encouragement. ((hugs))