Friday, January 18, 2019

The State of the Union

I saw a piece of news yesterday about the State of the Union address.
The details about the story, however, weren't nearly as important to me as the burden the Holy Spirit placed on my heart as I pondered those words.

The State of the Union.

The State - the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time, condition, shape, situation, position - of the Union.
I mean, not counting the political nonsense currently underway, what is the STATE of our Union?
If the LORD, Himself, took inventory of the condition, shape, situation, and position of our national behaviors, policies, priorities, thoughts, and attitudes - what would HE say???

Hey, kid, you're lookin' good!
I cannot stand these abominations!

As I continue my study of Ezekiel, I have to believe God's evaluation of the present State of our Union would fall into the latter category. So far this week I have studied chapter 8 in which the people of God commit greater and greater abominations in the temple, and chapter 9 in which God brings their conduct upon their own heads. It is a picture of a people who have turned their backs to God - the One who has saved them and delivered them and rescued them, and required their faithfulness - and have gone their own way, doing what pleases themselves, thinking God cannot see.
Sound like anyone you know today???

Oh, United States of America, we need to wake up!
The State of our Union is terrible. We utterly disrespect God's holiness, and show complete disregard for Him as Creator. We rebel against Who He Is, we go our own way, we demand our pleasures be met, and we cry like babies when He doesn't succomb to our wants.

We've got it all wrong!!!

Seriously, read the chapters in Ezekiel which I linked to above. See if God doesn't rend your heart as you begin to recognize how steadfast He is in righteousness and holiness. Take a look at the world around you and compare it to the one which existed in Ezekiel's time - and see if your spirit doesn't grieve just like mine is right now.
We need to return to the LORD in humbleness and penitence. 
As indiviuals and as a nation.


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