Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Not again!

I was scheduled to speak to a MOPS group this morning on the east side of the state. (No need to worry about the "lake effect snow" that cancelled MOPS on the west side last week.) However, I received an e-mail yesterday from the speaker coordinator, saying school had been cancelled for two days in a row due to the extreme cold, and could she please have a number to reach me "just in case." I gave it to her but thought, "Please, God. No. Not again!"

Throughout the day I was praying for the women who (I hoped!) would hear me speak today, and asking God to let this meeting happen. I left my phone on through the night just in case a call came in at an odd hour, hoping it wouldn't. When the alarm went off bright and early (Check that. It was still really dark.) I hopped in the shower, got ready and was on my merry little way, just like last week.
As I drove, I was singing and praying and looking forward to a good morning with these MOPS moms. It must have been the singing that muffled the sound of my phone ringing.
After I was sure Mapquest had led me astray, I grabbed my phone to call the church and confirm that I was heading the wrong way. When I picked up the phone, I saw there was a missed call and a voice mail from 7:23 this morning. My heart sank. I thought, "Please, God. No. Not again!" And I reluctantly listened to the voice mail.

Whew! It was my husband, asking me to call if I heard the message by 7:30, and it was 8:10. Oops! Turns out it was just a school-clothes mishap, and he handled the situation fine on his own. And I could almost hear God chuckling, Don't worry, Karen. I've got this morning under control.
So I proceeded to turn around and head in the right direction to get to the church. In deed, God did have things under control.

As I shared my heart with these moms, I could see them connecting with what I was saying and my heart was filled with joy. We talked afterwards and I loved hearing comments like, "I really needed to hear this message today." God gave me opportunity even after I spoke to share about my confidence in His goodness and to point to Him in all things.
As I reflect on this morning, it brings me joy to know God was just as good last week when MOPS was cancelled as He is today when it wasn't. He never changes and my hope is in Him!


Angela said...

So glad you were able to share your heart with those moms. I am reminded today of God's amazing care for every detail of our lives...the large and the small.

lu said...

funny - i had the opposite situation happen to me last week. i walked into our church to meet with someone and a few of the MOPS steering committee were setting up for their meeting the next morning. they said "oh we were just talking about you. did v. get a hold of you yet?" no she hadn't. "well could you possibly speak at our MOPS meeting tomorrow? our speaker cancelled at the last minute." well for some insane reason i said that i would.

i have never spoken at mops before but my friend is the coordinator and had asked me earlier this year if i might be willing to do it sometime. so i had a topic in mind but hadn't really put anything together. i spent the afternoon writing down notes on mommy guilt (i am an expert at guilt, you know!)

with the help of God and my experienced, talented husband, i was able to speak to those women on how God has helped me work thru my major issues with destructive guilt. (not that i never deal with it anymore - but way less than i used to) i hope God had the plan in mind all along and it wasn't just me looking for kudos. i hope there was at least one woman who was given hope from God thru me. i hope i can be an obedient child of God and be used in the future to encourage moms. i really have a passion for moms, parenting and families.

thanks for your faithfulness and pure heart Karen! you are an inspiration.

Laura G.

Irritable Mother said...

Good for you, Laura! Watch out...I thought I'd just be speaking for Trinity MOPS when I first started speaking. This year I have over 40 groups on my schedule. You just never know what God is up to!