Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Precious Moments

Wednesday is my day to go to school. I start off in first grade, make my way through lunch with first, third, fifth, eighth, fourth, and finally sixth graders (just fifteen minutes with each so the teachers can take a quick break), spend time back in fifth grade, and finish the day out in third grade. My kids' school is very big on parental involvement (one of the reasons we chose that school) and I enjoy the time I spend volunteering there.
If I ever had doubts about wanting to help out in the classroom, however, they would've all been washed away today. As I opened the door to Matthew's first grade classroom (I tried to be quiet and unobtrusive, honest!) one, then two little voices piped up, "Matthew, your mom is here!" At that, Matthew hopped out of his seat and ran to give me a hug. Then two of his classmates followed suit. I hugged them back and looked apologetically at the teacher as I told the kids to go back to their seats. This type of greeting is common when I go into his room, but somehow today it struck me as particulary precious.
Later in the afternoon, when I was in Joshua's third grade classroom, I overheard a conversation between two girls, that absolutely delighted my heart. I've known these girls for quite awhile because they were both in Joshua's class last year and we used to play "Honey, if you love me." (Do you know that game? It's lots of fun!) They always have hugs for me and often call me "Mom." This afternoon as they were getting ready to go out for recess, one said to the other, "Mrs. H. must be married to God or something. She's so nice!" I'm smiling even now as I recall that adorable conversation.

Right now my kids love that I come into school and volunteer in their classrooms. They're willing to hug me in front of their friends. Joshua even asks me to stay in his room when I've finished the work his teacher has for me, just so I'll be there.
I realize though, it won't always be this way. (I have a friend who has to get "pencilled in" on her teenage daughter's schedule if she wants to do something special with her daughter.) The day will come when my kids will squirm and turn the other direction if they see me in the hallway at school. Their friends may very well turn on me and start thinking of me as an "old fashioned" nerdy-type. And hugs? I imagine they'll be saved for the confines of home and bedtime.
I'd like to be wrong about these predictions, but those who've gone before me tell me this is how it will be. As I think about the precious moments I had today I almost imagine there will come a time when I'll "miss these days."
Wait. Did I really just say that??? I usually grimace when "older" moms give me that line about, "There will come a time when you'll miss these days." And I look at them thinking, "You don't really remember what these days are like, do you?!"
Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's true. "These days" have plenty of challenges and hardships which keep me from believing I would ever miss them. However, I think I'll try to spend more time mulling over the hugs and adorable comments - looking for the joy in each day - and store up for myself precious memories.

Only, if somewhere down the road you happen to see me in the presence of a weary young mother and I start to say something like, "Oh, they grow up so fast, dear. You know, there will come a time when you'll miss these days!" Please, please, please, run up to me and cup your hand over my mouth!!! (That mother and I thank you in advance!)

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KarenW said...

That is awesome that you get to spend time at your children's school!