Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heading South

Dinners - prepared and in the freezer. Check.
Baking instructions and reminders - clearly displayed. Check.
Laundry - washed, folded and put away. Check.
Suitcase - packed and ready. Check.
Boarding pass in hand. Check.

OK. I guess I'm ready to go!

Last summer I was contacted about speaking to a MOPS group in Florida. Though the obstacles seemed large at the time, we have delighted in seeing God take care of them. Now He's worked it out that I'll be speaking to two MOPS groups tomorrow in the Tampa area.
And I'm excited!
Not just because I get a break from being a mom for a couple days.
Not just because it's c-c-c-cold here and almost 80 degrees there.
Not just because I'll get to see my mom and grandma at one of the meetings.
Not just because I'm going to wear a pair of cute capris I bought awhile back and haven't been able to wear yet, because it's too cold in Michigan.

Those things are all nice, but what makes me really excited is having the opportunity to see God work something out and to be a part of it. For so long, I was despairing of my role as a mother. Ever since God has given me hope that He's using my children and my struggles as a mother to make me into the woman He wants me to be, I have been eager to share that hope with other moms.
I think too often we wear a mask, trying to make others think we have it all together, refusing to be real with each other. There is something wonderful about getting in front of a group of moms and admitting my weaknesses, frustrations, and struggles - being real - and pointing them to the hope I've found in God. I love when women tell me how encouraged they are to know they aren't alone. It inspires me to share honestly when I realize God takes the hard times we have faced and uses them to bring comfort to others who are going through the same thing. He truly is a Redeemer.
And I'm excited that tomorrow I get to share this message twice with a bunch of moms who have been weary and frustrated and are in need of hope and encouragement. (While I'm enjoying my own break, in a cute outfit and warm air, and seeing my mom and grandma...God is entirely too good to me!)

And when I get back, I get to go to Five Minutes For Mom's Ultimate Blog Party. Yippee!!


Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity! I do have to admit that I think you are so lucky for getting to head to Florida! My husband and I honeymooned in Clearwater and I have been begging to move there ever since. (DH lived there for 9 years before meeting me.) Oh how I could use some of that warm gulf air!

Good luck!

Ann Kroeker said...

Wow. Okay, so now I have to go spend some time in confession....

for ENVY.


I'm cold. It's gloomy. It's my birthday (a big one) and nothing special is planned. And my one wish, if you mosey over to the March 1st entry at my blog, is to be on the beach in Florida.

But God gave it to you, instead.

Enjoy the fun, and the knowledge that God is using you. It's a wonderful thing to see Him working. Even more wonderful to see Him working through you. And more wonderful still to see Him working through Florida!

Take care. Think of me when you dig your feet into the sand, smell the salty air and drink sweet tea!

Sue said...

I hope you have a great trip! I loved your comment on She Lives about asking people if you can pray right now. Thanks for that.