Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm Home

It's 28 degrees and snowing. Welcome home!

My trip to Florida was absolutely wonderful. I spoke to about 140 moms yesterday and was blessed to hear from so many of them that God was speaking to their hearts through my words. As they shared their stories with me after the meetings, I truly was filled with joy and thanksgiving over God's perfect timing and care for each woman present.
My mom and grandma were there for one meeting and joined a small group of us for lunch. It was so good to see them. A dear friend who used to live in Michigan, but has now moved to Florida, came to see me, too. I've missed her hugs and it was good to get one again!
I was hosted by a precious woman and her family, and loved each moment we had together. Today she took me to get my first ever pedicure. What a treat that was - complete with a chair that massaged my back as I sat. (A couple other "firsts" I experienced with her: watching American Idol - I know, I'm probably the only person in America who had never seen it before, and eating grits for breakfast - a true southern activity.)

Now I'm home and I'm sleepy. But tomorrow is going to be a family day - no computer time for me - so I wanted to post my thoughts about the trip before I fall into bed. I think the best way to summarize it is to share what I wrote in my journal as I sat in the airport about five hours ago.

Sitting in the Tampa airport.
Waiting for my flight home.
Wondering why You're so good to me.
Loving that You've used me to minister to the women here in Florida.
Thankful that You've given me this hope in mothering.
Aware that I am a broken, imperfect woman who is not beyond the reach of a gracious, merciful God.
Hopeful for what You're going to do in and through me in the future through speaking and writing.
Thankful, so thankful for the opprotunity to speak with women after the meetings yesterday and hear how You're working in them.
Confident of Your goodness - Your perfect knowledge of what is needed in our lives to make us holy and Your ability to bring it about.
Wanting to crawl into Your lap and cry because I am so thankful for what You're doing.
Thank You for using me. Thank You for Your perfect love. Please make me an instrument You use for Your glory.


LoveMyStarr said...

The further down I read, the more blessed I become. It takes courage to write your true feelings for everyone to read. I hope God will be able to use me in this way. One day I may be able to share my still unfoldig story.

irrationallove said...

Hello Karen! I got "distracted" but came back this morning to acquaint myself with your blog. God used this prayer to encourage me this morning. THANK YOU!
(I hope you have e-mail notification for new comments!) :)

Irritable Mother said...

I do have e-mail notification, and I am glad to know you were encouraged this morning!