Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coming on Video

There's something new on the horizon for me and my website. Video!

This morning I spoke for a moms group in Lansing and I had the talk video taped. We're going to select a few short segments to prepare for the website and then my wonderful web designer will work her magic and put them out there for anyone to view. I can't wait!

Some time ago my book coach told me I should think about adding video to the website and I thought, "Yeah, that's a nice idea. But how will it ever happen? Who would tape it for me? I don't have that kind of equipment! Where could we record it anyway? Is it even possible to put video on my website?" And on I went with my doubting.
Until one day I made a phone call to someone I thought might be able to help me, or might know someone who could do it. "Yes," he said. "I can do that for you!" I asked my web designer if it was possible and she said, "Yes. In fact, I just got some new software that will allow is to do what you want." So the two of them talked and figured out what is needed, and I'm sitting back thinking, Why was I ever doubting?

I play the doubting game too much. Do you? I see this or that opportunity and think it's too difficult. The obstacles and unknowns seem too big for me. I can't imagine how I could possibly overcome them. Often I am tempted to give in and give up.
Then God gently reminds me, I'm right! The obstacles and unknowns are too big for me. I can't overcome them. But He can! And so I choose to trust Him. Everything works better when I'm trusting in Him!

As to the video, I'll let you know here when it's on the website!

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