Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good Morning

I hope you're continuing to enjoy the party being thrown by 5 Minutes for Mom. If you're here at my site for the first time, Welcome to you! I am so glad you've stopped by.

For those of you who are praying for Allie and her family, I wish to report that her platelet count is up, though not where it needs to be yet. For the full report you may visit her journal at Caring Bridge. Please continue to pray for them. Thank you!

Tonight as I sit here while the kids are getting showered and ready for bed, I can't help but wonder what tomorrow morning will be like. My husband is out of town this week, and his absence presents some special challenges, as I also have some out of town engagements. I can't help but wonder if tomorrow morning will be a little less dramatic than yesterday morning.
Yesterday I spoke to a MOPS group on the west side of the state and was getting showered and ready upstairs, while the kids were having breakfast downstairs. I was listening to the commotion and heard Joshua say his oatmeal was overflowing in the microwave. Oh well, I thought, he can clean it up. I figured it wasn't as bad as he made it sound, anyway. It usually bubbles up in the bowl, but rarely overflows. So I continued getting ready.
When I came downstairs, Matthew was in the kitchen making his oatmeal in the microwave. I walked in and thought I smelled something burning. As I looked into the microwave I saw smoke and quickly turned it off. When I opened the door, I discovered the problem. Matthew had forgotten to put water in his bowl. I seriously think I arrived just in the knick of time, before it burst into flames. The kitchen smelled awful and Matthew was so sorry. I told him it was OK, and that I was sure we all know now that water gets added before the oatmeal goes into the microwave. Some lessons, we just learn the hard way.
I poured Matthew a bowl of cereal and soon the ordeal was forgotten. Well, except for the smell which lingered through the day, and is still there if you try hard enough to notice. But, for what it could have been, I am thankful we only had a bowl of charred oatmeal.

What of tomorrow though? Actually, I won't even be here - for most of it. I am speaking for another MOPS group and need to be on the road early. (Detroit traffic!) My brother is coming over to see the kids out the door for school. Won't that be fun? I'll go into their rooms to wake them and say, "Good morning. Uncle Chuck is downstairs!" And I imagine that's all I will need to say.
They love my brother and are excited he's coming over. They'll probably jump right out of bed, grab their clothes and run down stairs. Chances are they'll eat their breakfast quickly, get dressed, and brush their teeth so they're ready in time to have some play time with their uncle. I wouldn't be surprised if Matthew even stays on task all morning just to impress my brother. And as they head out the door for school, Chuck will probably shake his head and think, "They're such good kids. I don't know why Karen ever gets frustrated with them!"
At least I hope the morning goes that well!


Darlene Schacht said...

I just finished praying for Allie, and then I came over to visit your blog. I see you're having fun at the Ultimate Blog Party. :)

Party on!

Monkey Giggles said...

YOU ARE THE WINNER of the party favor over at MONKEY GIGGLES. YEA!!!!. Fofo picked your name.....Yea again....Just send me your address and I will get your prize out to ya. Thanks again for visiting my blog. I hope you are having fun at the blog party. Don't stay up past your bedtime PARTYING!!!