Friday, June 15, 2007

Right on Cue

I wonder if your house is anything like mine. Being the "homemaker" it seems like I'm the one who does most of the work to keep this family fed, clothed, and clean. Though the kids take their dishes to the kitchen (with occasional reminders) it seems I'm the only one who can put cereal boxes away. Somehow, no one else seems to notice milk puddles on the table or bits of cereal spilled on the floor, and therefore, no one else cares to clean it up. And why is it no one else (I'm thinking DH here) can put clean dishes away in the cupboards?
Well today is Friday and, in my house, that means laundry day. So this morning as I was folding clothes and taking them upstairs, I put the kids' clothes on their beds or dressers. Sometimes I put their clothes away for them, but I want to get in the habit of getting them in the habit of doing it. After all, that's what my mom did!
I went into my bedroom and sat the laundry basket on the floor so I could make the bed. As I have done before, this morning while I was making the bed I wondered, Why is it I'm the only one in this marriage who seems able to make the bed? I decided after I was finished and put my folded clothes away, I would set Brian's clothes on the bed for him to put away. (Reading a little sassiness into that last statement would be entirely appropriate.)
Just after I'd completed that thought, the phone rang. It was Brian. He was at Home Depot to buy carpet for recovering the steps leading up to our front porch. Just wanted to know what color I wanted before he made the purchase. We settled on gray, I thanked him for checking, hung up the phone and went back to making the bed.
As I was tucking in the sheets I considered how thoughtful it was for Brian to get my input on the carpet. I reminded myself how nice it's going to be to have those steps fixed - a job I certainly cannot do, which I'm so glad Brian is doing. Then I thought of how much work he put into making our porch look nice.
The other day I asked him to take the seat out of the van so I could bring home the boys' new dresser. Then I asked him to put the seat back in.
And every time I have a problem with my computer, or don't understand how to do something on it, I ask for his help. He always helps.
Oh yeah, and it's summer, which means I like to have more things for dinner on the grill. I don't even know how to light the grill. Brian always takes on grilling responsibilities.
All of a sudden, I found myself thanking God for this wonderful man who loves me and serves me and takes care of our family - even if he doesn't wipe spilled milk or make the bed - and I prayed for him while I put his clothes away.

This morning I was reading in the Gospel of Mark and noted Jesus' ability to know the hearts and thoughts of men. He knew when the teachers of the law were questioning His deity. (Mark 2:8) He heard the Pharisees question His disciples about the company Jesus was keeping. (Mark 2:16-17) When they were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus on the Sabbath, He knew that, too. (Mark 3:1-6) And Jesus spoke Truth into each of these situations.
I couldn't help but notice this morning when I was grumbling in my spirit as I made the bed how, right on cue, the phone rang and God spoke Truth to me as He reminded me what a wonderful servant-husband I have.

Thanks, Brian. I love you and I appreciate everything you do!

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Karen said...

Oh yes, this sounds familiar. I was having a bit of a grizzle internally myself this week, wouldn't it be nice if someone else emptied the dishwasher, brought laundry down and my husband has been just fabulous in the garden this week, blowing me away and stopping me short in my thoughts. I call it the 'Little Foxes' trying to come in to the Vineyard and wreak havoc. Right on the money again, and thanks for sharing.

Ann Kroeker said...

I love following your slow processing, the realization. I've got a servant-hearted techie hub who will work and work without complaint. I guess I should put away his T-shirts...

Jenileigh said...

Karen~ This is a beautiful post and eye opener. As I began to read your blog I was agreeing %100. I was thinking about the Mayo being left on the counter with the bread crumbs from the sandwhiches. Or the tack I stepped last night because it often seems *I* am the only one who picks up things when they hit the floor.

But then I too realized that my dh makes many a sacrifice for me. He too does those things I can't do. His job that is so demanding and takes so much of *us* from him never leaves him complaining or blaming me because he has to work.

How grateful I am too. The scriptures were very deep and hit the nail right on the head. Thank-You for this uplifting and encouraging devotion that was well needed and well taken today!

Queen Of My Domain said...

I've often felt the same way (i.e. when I was reading this). I try and remember that every small thing done for my family is a way to show love but it is hard and I do forget. Our husbands do help out in alot of other ways that I know I also tend to forget about.

Your post reminded me of St. Therese of Liseux who is known for doing things "The Little Way". She would pick the most menial and demanding of jobs and do them without complaining. It was one of her ways to show others how she loved them and God in the process.

What a beautiful post and reminder to serve God in everything we do.

CoachJ said...

My hubby is great. He does alot around this house, and doesn't complain when I don't. All he ever asks for is clean work clothes, and will do them himself if I forget. HOWEVER, I do make the kids do more around here. They have a dishes week, where they are responsible for washing the dishes, and they each cook one night out of the week, and son does the trash and cuts the grass, while daughter does the bathroom. All I've got left is laundry. They are doing a good job, and I'm lovin' it!! (Yes, I still have to nag!)

Mandalyn said...

I have thought this many times also just to be reminded of the subtle tasks my husband does just to make my life easier or to take care of the girls and I. He always keeps our cars maintained for us to be safe (I would not have the first clue on how to do this)and he always mows the yard--just a few examples!

Aren't we blessed to have husbands who have a servant's heart in their own ways?:)

Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

It is always so nice to be reminded of the sacrifices our husbands make for us on a daily basis. In the busyness of life, it is easy to begin to take them for granted. What a wonderful reminder on this very wet Father's Day!

annie said...

Matt's favorite thing that I do is when we are at dinners church or otherwise I always bring a plate to him. (when it is buffet or potluck style). The other men/husbands always say, "I wish my wife would bring me a plate." and I can see matt gleam and I see my friends look at me like I am crazy! But, it is a simple task that means so much to him and I put myself in a servants position. I try to remember that song, "make me a servant, Lord make me like you, for you are a servant, make me one to." I love that song and I think we are to have a servant's heart.

I do get tired sometimes of being the only one around the house who closes cabinet doors, puts away cereal boxes, picks up endless wet towels from swimming etc., but these years will be gone soon and I'll miss all these menial tasks someday. (maybe :o)

Mrs. Sidney said...

Thank you for sharing this post with me.