Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is Your Dream?

I've been tagged by Karen for a meme called "What is Your Dream."
According to Karen,

Leigh from Speaking Thru Me got to thinking about a sermon her Pastor recently gave about promises and speaking the Word and Believing!! And came up with this meme: What are your dreams? Not things that God has promised you, but things you dream about or things that you whisper in His ear. What are you believing God for? Be bold, Be Honest, Be courageous!

I think God's timing is so interesting. Karen let me know early last week that she'd tagged me for this meme and I knew I wanted to participate, but I also knew I wouldn't be able to "get to it" right away. So it's been in the back of my mind for several days, and God's been mixing it up with another new thing for me.
You see, the same day I heard from Karen I had just started a book my mentor encouraged me to read. This new book is called Developing Intimacy with God. It is an eight-week prayer guide based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius, and the very first exercise was determining our "Basic Want." The objective for that day was to, "Determine what you want at the core of your being." For me it is simply to be close to God. Over the course of this week, working through the spiritual exercises and contemplating the idea of this dream, I have enjoyed seeing how they can work together.
I have realized that when I am speaking and writing, I feel especially close to God because I am even more aware of my dependence on Him. I pray for the women who are present listening to me. I pray for the women who will read my words. I ask God what He wants me to say. My desire to be an instrument He uses for His glory increases with each opportunity He gives me. So I'm seeing my basic want - to be close to God, has fueled my dream - to have more opportunities to speak and write.
As far as speaking goes, I absolutely love going to MOPS groups and sharing with the moms there. But as a dreamer I would love to speak for larger audiences, perhaps in conference or arena settings. Actually I am going to be speaking in November for a break-out session for a small women's conference here in Michigan. I guess that's a start!
Another part of the speaking dream would be to go places where some of my blogging friends live so I could meet you personally.
Regarding the writing, my dream is that more and more women would find and read Confessions of an Irritable Mother, and find the hope within it which God has given to me. I'm also starting another book which I'm praying will be an encouragement for women to seek and enjoy God in the daily-ness of every day.
When I'm speaking and writing I really feel like I'm participating with God by ministering hope to mothers. My dream, to speak for larger audiences and to publish another book, is to be an instrument He uses for His glory.

I couldn't find any specific directions for tagging on this meme, so I'll just leave it to you. If you would like to particiapte, please leave me a comment so I know to come by and read about your dreams!

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Leigh Gray said...

oh girl - i can so realte with your dreams - i say dito!!!! holy cow, I so wish we could meet for coffe or a Dr. Pepper for me!! ha ha

And a mentor - how i pray for that too!

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. I pray to know you better and glean from you too. Just added youto my favorites list on my computer.

thanks and have a great day!

Leigh Gray said...

ps - your hair is about the cutest thing ever as well.

annie said...

Another book? That is wonderful!
At the last healing school I had a lightbulb moment when we were talking to the ministers and said we just wanted to have Izzy well so we could be useful to God and they said, "pray each morning and say to God... use me Lord, however you choose. Let me be an instrument for you today." That has really meant a lot to me, I want God to use me in spite of circumstances and it is inspiring to see Him using you.
My dream right now is to wake to find my Izzy back with us, walking and talking, dancing and playing.

Karen said...

What an inspiration. I just felt a 'yes' when I read you are doing this. God is talking to his people so much through intimacy, through his word, that deep calling unto deep. How exciting and thank you for sharing :-)

Corrie said...

Wow! I actually would have to think about this question. Sometimes I feel like I don't get to have a dream right now while my house is full of small children...I will think about this for sure! Thanks for your post.

Karen said...

Oh sorry Karen, I thought I'd told you that I had read your book and devoured it with great joy and lots of yes, yes, yes and aaah's in the space of 24 hours. Perfect, timely and I plan to read it again soon!