Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday ~ Vacation Edition

Today Annie is asking us to think about vacation. (Maybe because her trip just got cancelled???) She asked if we have any special vacation memories. Wow, this could take awhile. I have lots of great vacation memories to which I'd love to travel with you. I'll pick a few highlights.

...When I was a kid we drove a car on all our vacations. We had a travel game with dice to pass the time. Sometimes we watched for farms with horses in the pasture and would keep track to see who said, "Mine!" first or most often. Whoever "claimed" the most horses won. But my favorite way to pass the time was playing the Alphabet Game. The way to play is to look at road sings and be the first to collect all the letters in the alphabet (in order!). But you can only get one letter per sign, and letters off vehicles don't count. When we were coming home from Washington, DC in April I taught my kids this game. Gotta keep it going from generation to generation!
...We went camping just about every weekend in the summers when I was a kid. Saturday morning was the best because that's when my mom made donuts (which I) covered with lots of sugar. Yummmmmmm!
...I remember a trip out west when I was six. My whole family went on a trail ride and when we went through one gate, my pony took off at a full gallop. Apparently the trail leader was scared for me, but I was having a blast!
...The yucky part of that trip was my older brother, Chuck, had some problem with his knee and couldn't have his leg bent for long periods of time. So he had to stretch out his leg across my and my sister's lap for nearly the entire trip. Not even the Alphabet Game made that part of the trip more enjoyable.
...Chuck was more fun on another trip. After my freshman year of college Chuck, my mom, dad, and I went on a trip to Scotland and England. I don't remember where we were at this particular time, but I told my mom to watch while I made Chuck pose like a statue. I think the statue was of Julius Caesar and I told Chuck to imitate the pose and I was going to take a picture of him. Then I pretended there was something wrong with the camera and I kept saying, "Wait, Chuck! Hold that pose! I'm almost ready." I got him to stay that way for quite awhile. Finally, when I was sure enough onlookers had laughed at him, I snapped the picture. I looked for the picture to share with you, but it has mysteriously disappeared. Chuck!
...Of all my vacation memories, my favorite occurred just a couple of months ago. We went to Washington, DC for spring break, and God reminded me of His love.

Thanks, Annie, for coming up with Time Travel Tuesday. This is always so fun to do. To share in more vacation memories, visit Annie.

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annie said...

You and Chuck sound a lot like me & my brother Mike! We always enjoyed playing little jokes like that on each other. I remember a lot of those road games too, like I see something blue... hours of fun. My amanda just called and she is eating breakfast in indianapolis. They are staying the night tonight in buffalo, ny! I miss them all, but it sure is quiet here.
Thanks for sharing your vacation memories!

KC said...

what wonderful memories. We use to do all trips by car also. We do that with our kids now also.. 1/2 the fun of vacation is getting there and back, and all the fun travel time together in the van and the road trip games and the togetherness of it all. PLUS even with gas prices it is still less to drive then to fly the 6 of us LOL.
What a wonderful reminder of God love for us also in your last trip story.
Thanks for letting us travel though time with you this week.

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I well remember my children playing the alphbet game!!

Corrie said...

That is so funny about Chuck. Our family played the Alphabet Game too. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to play along. Thanks for sharing your great memories! So special!

Anonymous said...

What sisterly love! Sounds like you had some memorable trips. We always played the alphabet game too!

Queen Of My Domain said...

You have to love family vacations. They always give us something new to laugh about, especially if you have siblings to drive you crazy.

tonsofsons said...

I love the alphabet game.

Sonya said...

Great memories! I loved reading them! I love the trick you played on your bro by making him pose for so long! I used to do things like that to my bro when we were young! I also remember those road games! We played them all the time and I especially loved Slug Bug! Got to hit my bro alot!

Jenileigh said...

Karen that was soo funny! What fun all of you had! We played the Alphabet Game too. Thanks for sharing I so enjoyed reading about your vacations!

Sheryl said...

What fun memories! And, boy! Do I remember the alphabet game...we played that game waaaayy too many times ;)

Joyful Days said...

We used to "collect" horses too!! Wonderful memories and that DC post was wonderful.

Many blessings.