Monday, June 04, 2007

You've Gotta Have Priorities

If you read the title of this post and thought I was going to be giving a sermonette from Matthew 6:33, But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well, I hope you won't be disappointed. As much as I believe that verse to be true and important, the priorities of which I am presently speaking are not spiritual at all.

This morning Matthew came downstairs for breakfast wearing his pajamas. He ate in his typical slow fashion and I eventually set the timer, telling him he needed to finish up and get dressed. He picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom - to change, I thought.
After a couple of minutes I peeked my head in to see how Matthew was progressing with getting dressed for school. He was sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. That's when I saw he had pooped in his pull-up last night. (I honestly pondered my phrasing of that last sentence for a minute, but then I figured, We're all moms here, and decided you could probably handle my word choice!) Seeing his pull-up, I pretty well knew what his behind looked like, and determined he would need to hop in the shower before he got dressed. Soooo, I *encouraged* him to finish up and get in the shower.
Have I ever complained here about how slowly Matthew moves sometimes? OK, I realize some things can't be rushed, but as I looked at the clock and considered the fact we now had to add a shower to the morning routine before the car pool arrived, I just had to rush him along. So, into the shower he went.
Just as I turned the water off, Joshua called, "The carpool is here!" Ahhh! Matthew isn't dressed! "Please ask them to wait just a minute or two!" I called back.
Quickly, I helped Matthew dry off and get dressed. Well, his clothes helped a little too, by soaking up the drips the towel missed...As we got his shoes on and he stood up I looked at his hair, which was desperately in need of water and a comb, and realized he hadn't brushed his teeth yet either. Oh, forget it, I thought. I walked him to the door and wished him a good day as I kissed him goodbye.

Yes, I sent my son to school with bedhead and un-brushed teeth. But he was dressed, and he didn't smell like poop. And, hey, you've gotta have priorities!



Dakota's Mom said...

Amen, sister! Start with the most necessary stuff and work your way down the list.

irrationallove said...

Loved this...My second born must be cut from the same cloth as your Matthew. I used to stress out (sometimes still do) as similar events unfolded for Anna on any given school morning. My husband kept reminding me and helping me to allow her to deal with the consequences. i.e. going to school without her hair done or her teeth brushed. It has helped some. But, from the sounds of it, Matthew and Anna are also similar in that they may be oblivious to the consequences of their 'slowness.' But I don't think that can last forever. The first time her teeth weren't brushed she didn't seem to care one bit. The second time she said as she came through the kitchen toward the door, "Can I have a mint?" Not quite the progress I had in mind! LOL

Sweet Mummy said...

PERFECT! Hey, if they have 2 socks on and they don't happen to match, who cares? They have 2 socks on, right?

Don't sweat the small stuff!