Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Blew It!

But not in a bad way.

Brian and I had a great time in Florida. What a gift it was to have four days to just be "us."
Well, almost four days. Brian had a meeting to attend Saturday morning, and I? Got to meet a friend with whom I have been emailing for, oh, I don't know how long now. She and her family came and took me out for breakfast, and we had a great time!
Sunday Brian and I went to Universal's Islands of Adventure park and had fun on the rides. And since the resort at which we were staying was right "next door" to the park, we were able to go back in the middle of the day, take a nap by the pool, and return for more fun when we were ready.
Ahhhh, what a cushy life we got to have for a few days.
It was wonderful!!!

Now, it's back to reality. I'm doing laundry, just picked up Mindy from the vet, and need to go get groceries.

But before I do, I have to confess that I "blew it" Friday night. There was an event called "Aloha Friday" at the resort, and Brian and I thought it would be fun to attend. There was a band playing and a conga line formed, which we joined. The next thing we knew, Brian and I were by the stage when they were asking for three male and three female "contestants" to come up. Big surprise - I dragged Brian up.

Then I found out what the contest was all about and began regretting my move.

They brought out a conch shell and told us we were going to participate in a conch shell blowing contest.
I just looked at Brian smiled sheepishly. Oops. Sorry!

The leader of the band demonstrated how easy it was to blow the shell and then the contest was underway. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have the "ladies" go first so contestant number one steeped up and, she couldn't do it.
Then it went to the first male contestant, and he couldn't do it either.
Lady number two? Nope.
Meanwhile, Brian and I were whispering to each other and he told me it's just like blowing a trumpet. Great.
Except, I've never blown a trumpet!!!
The second man stepped up and blew it like a pro. He told us he was from Hawaii, and I thought that just wasn't fair. Blowing conch shells must be in his blood, or something!


it was my turn.

The woman who was running the show put her arm around me and asked my name. Then she said, "OK, Karen. No pressure, but the women are counting on you."
So I shook my head and rolled my shoulders - just being silly - and I held the conch shell up to my mouth and blew that baby.
And I couldn't believe my ears. I actually made it work!

I blew the conch shell!!!

I think I only heard women cheering in the audience, but that was OK with me. It just felt good to be able to finally be proud of the fact that I blew it!

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JanMary said...

So glad you had a lovely break.

Welcome back to reality :)

Chatty Kelly said...

How often do we get to celebrate the fact that we blew it! Fun!

Glad you had a fun trip. Welcome back.

Alisun said...

What fun for a husband and wife to do...
I miss the days of being us it seems life takes over.

Jessica said...

soft-voiced you?
Hilarious. Glad you had fun :-)

luvmy4sons said...

Okay. Am I allowed to rib you a little...you know about having lots of hot air and a big lung capacity...LOL! What great fun!

Edie said...

Yay for you! I guess it comes from practicing being Irritable. :) So my next question is did your husband blow it too?

Praise and Coffee said...

Yay!!! That is great! I'm so happy that you blew it.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Too bad there isn't footage of that so you could post it on your blog...I know we'd all love to see that! :)

My ADHD Me said...

Congrats on blowing it! SOunds like you had a blast.

Cristina said...

Cute story. Glad you had a fun get away! I received your book this week. Thanks again. I look forward to reading it.

Sweet Mummy said...

How fun! My sweetie would NEVER go up on stage like that with me... That's so funny! I knew you could blow the shell - we have always known you're full of hot air! (JUST JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST JOKING!!!!!)

Glad you had a good time away. Getting to do the rides and stuff without the kids must have been kinda fun!

Happyhome said...

You go girl!!!

Amanda said...

Man, I did NOT know where you were going with that, but I love where you ended up! lol

Yeah You!!!

many blessigns-

Melissa said...

There is NO WAY I'd ever get my husband on stage like that - so doing that, and blowing that shell, is a double accomplishment in my book!

momteacherfriend said...