Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Open Invitation

Where will you be on my favorite day of the year???

That would be November, 11. Or 11-11, as I prefer to say it! If you are wondering why I have such an affinity for this particular number, click here.

If, on 11-11, you are going to be anywhere in the vicinity of Troy, Michigan, I want to invite you to MOPS. I will be speaking at Faith Lutheran Church in Troy and they are opening the meeting up to non-MOPS members. Of course, they want to make sure there will be enough food(!) for everyone, so if you would like to come please email me (Karen at IrritableMother dot com). I will put you in touch with the coordinator and you may even be able to work out child care.
I would love to see you there!

I have a few other speaking engagements coming up which will also be open to guests. I'll keep you posted. (Pun fully intended. *grin*)

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Unknown said...

I loved going back and reading your 11.11 posts. That is the best story ever. I might have to steal it. Maybe I'll pick my husband's birthday instead or something. (Another number -not yours). I just loved that. And God showing you that he is thinking about you too. Just awesome.

The letter word verification I'm about to type in below is "blest". Yes, you are. (blessed).

happyhome said...

Oh, I wish I could come! Texas is a bit too far though.

Jessica Nelson said...

Have fun in *brrrr* Michigan!

Edie said...

Sorry I won't be in Michigan. I'm in TX like happyhome, but I do have family in Michigan. :)

I loved reading about your special 1111 prayers. Funny but it's in those seemingly little things that we do see how up close and personal our God really is.

No I've never been to a Love & Respect seminar since I've never been married. But God has put numerous books in my hand on marriage and relationships. I have learned a lot about His design of the genders. Love & Respect was kind of like that puzzle piece that makes you *GET* the picture. Ya know?

luvmy4sons said...

I pray blessing upon you in Michigan. And yeah! 11-11! That used to be my old boyfriends birthday in high school. I can't wait to hear what happens on that day for you!

concerned parent said...

What fun I will not be in the area but I will catch you at Praise and Coffe night.