Sunday, October 05, 2008


Oh, my stomach hurts!
These comments I'm getting about me being so gentle and soft spoken that a person cannot believe I am an "irritable mother" are cracking me up!
Stop it! I'm going to wet myself!

Seriously. I laugh every time someone who saw my video from Friday makes such a comment. And my kids keep asking me why I'm laughing. So I explain the situation and they look at me with smiles and confirm that I can, indeed, be an irritable mother.
Matthew suggested that he and Joshua could stage a fight and we could record how I respond to them. Isn't he precious???

OK, some explanation is fair. I had to be soft spoken in that video. The webcam is all new to me and I haven't played with it much. I'm sure there is some adjustment I can make to the microphone setting so it isn't as sensitive. But until I get that figured out, if I make too loud of a noise the recording sounds just awful. So, there you go!
For those of you who are interested, you can get another view of me by going to my website and watching the video clips from my Confessions talk. I am pretty soft spoken in the one called, "Refined Like Silver," but the other three have moments when I am more like an irritable mother.
Honestly, sometimes when I am speaking I almost feel the need to stop mid-sentence and let my audience know I'll get "nicer" as the talk progresses. When I am telling a story about a particular incident with one of my kids, or when I am just talking about frustration in general, I get rather animated. Sometimes the looks on the faces of some of the women listening make me think they're scared of me. But as I share about how God is using my struggles as a mother to refine me, I try to portray that transformation in my delivery of the message. So far, I have not noticed any scared women at the end of my talk. *grin*
And I pray my children are witnessing that transformation, too.

All that to say, thank you for your sweet comments. It is my heart's desire to display that gentle spirit on a regular basis - not just when the microphone is too sensitive!

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km said...

That is too funny. I remember watching the clip...and standing up and walking away. I don't think I left a comment. I was just too awed that I could sit at my computer and be touched by the words of God coming from another mother. It makes the world feel so small. Yet, when I hear that you'll be a guest at the Praise & Coffee night, I'm reminded just how many miles there are between us. With a webcast, I feel like you're in my living room. If you do make it all the way out're totally welcome at my house. And I'll try not to yell at my kids.

Becoming Me said...

Very funny. You know, I do understand, because even though my voice irritates the heck out of me...many find it sweet. I'm naturally soft spoken and sound very even-tempered...but since having kids I've acquired a bark...hate it.

Oh the idea of the mock fight so you could yell....priceless

luvmy4sons said...

That is too funny...our perception of ourselves though is sometiems off.. maybe you aren't as mean as you think you come across. I have apologized to my chidren before and they couldn't understand why I was apologizing. Inside the battle was so STRONG and a war was raging but I managed to control the outside better than I thought. Because my inside was in so much turmoil my perception of myself was off...I think all mothers can be get pretty irritable though. Good to know you are normal. LOL!

Edie said...

That's so funny! I think we all feel that way. The bottom line is sometimes we act like we want to and sometimes we act like someone we don't want anyone to see. I like Matthew's idea about the fighting video. So when will that be out? LOL

Jessica said...

You definitely sounded sweet and gentle. I was like, this is an irritable mother???
But of course, children can bring out the nasty in us sometimes :)
Loved the comment about the kids staging a fight. To funny!!
I don't have a gentle voice, but for some reason some people think I don't yell at my kids.
I have to roll my eyes. A few more years and they'll out me, for sure.

Amanda said...

Well...sometimes we just can't see in ourselves what otehrs see in us. Is that good or bad? For you, good. For me, bad! lol

I loved it and am STILL tickled I won. Yikes! I could shout out loud all over again!

God bless-

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

That's funny. Hey, how do you do the word typed with a line through it? I wanted to do that the other day and didn't know how????