Thursday, February 12, 2009

Calling all West Michigan Women!

If you live in West Michigan, or will be in the area on February 28, I would like to invite you to attend Kaleidoscope at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland. There will be a keynote speaker in the afternoon and two one-hour focus groups in the morning.
I am going to speak for two different focus groups. My first presentation will be Confessions of an Irritable Mother, and will follow the outline of my book. My second presentation is called, Don't Make Decisions While You're Running Uphill. This talk is one I prepared after writing a devotion by the same title.
I am looking forward to speaking at this conference and would love to have the privilege of meeting some West Michigan bloggers. Registration is only $13 until February 22, at which time it will be $15. I hope to see you there!

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Jessica Nelson said...

I can't wait until you come to Florida. I really want to get the Irritable mother book but hate to buy stuff online, so I'm waiting for you. Plus, then I can get an autograph. Hehee!

Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

I am looking forward to you coming to the East Coast, anywhere, I don't care!


luvmy4sons said...

Praying for your speaking engagements. I know you will e a blessing to everyone who attends!

Jodi said...

Hmmm... I will have to see what's on my calendar for that day.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great conference. And it's only $15? Holy Moly! It's definitely worth the drive and the babysitting cost, right? I'm gonna try to meet you THIS month!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I am soooo excited!! I will be there with a couple of our Redemption Rider Ladies, looking forward to meeting you:)