Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Days Are Numbered

My son, Joshua, is a fifth grader and wants to set the new pull-up record at school this spring. He has been "in training" for a few months now, working hard to acheive his goal. When Joshua began this venture, he asked me to arm-wrestle with him - just so he could see how strong he is. Let's just say, it was pretty easy for me to win.

The key word in the previous statement is WAS.

Did I mention Joshua has been working hard?

I have told Kevin (my trainer) that he needs to keep me from defeat, and he does occasionally give me exercises to work my forearm. (I have learned that's the main muscle used in arm-wrestling.) And I have fun teasing Joshua, telling him that Kevin is going to keep getting me stronger and stronger.
Well, Friday night Brian had to go back into the studio for something so the kids and I tagged along. Joshua asked if Brian would "give him a training session," and he was pleased to oblige.
At one point, I walked back to where they were to see how the training session was going. Joshua wanted to demonstrate one of his exercises for me. So I stopped and watched him. And, believe me, he was intense! As Joshua finished his demonstration, I heard Brian say, "Just don't tell her what that exercise is called," which, of course made me ask.
When I found out they had named the exercise "Karen Crusher," I became a bit concerned by the intensity with which Joshua was executing said exercise!

So, last night Joshua challenged me to an arm-wrestling match. As they have been for the past few weeks, this match was a close one. But I prevailed!
However, my little guy is getting stronger. And, as my DH pointed out, I'm getting older. Thanks, dear. Indeed...when it comes to being the arm-wrestling champ...
My days are numbered!

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luvmy4sons said...

Oh give it up sweet the lone female in this testosterone fest...I admitted strength defeat a long time ago...face it men are stronger...even little men! LOL! Hugs to you! (I am still taller than one for a few more months anyway)

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Maybe Joshua will allow you to keep your title! :)


Jenileigh said...

I have to admit that I've watched some of your videos and I envy your arms! Heehee. How I'd love to have a trainer and gym close by! I am drinking water only, eating low carb and beginning some aerobic exercise. Maybe the Lord will open doors for opportunity to work out with someone who knows that they are doing and could help me.

How funny that your son is growing in strength! Imagine the pride he must feel! Keep it up Karen!!!

Mrs. Sidney said...

That is so funny!!

Dorothy Champagne said...

Stopped by from "Rich Gifts" - enjoyed your post today!

Jessica said...

The Karen Crusher!

Amanda said...

lol That is tooo funny....the Karen Crusher... lol

I would have to agree that your days are numbered... so live it up!!

Many blessings to you!

Edie said...

HaHaHa! You keep giving him a run for his money! Yes he will eventually he will win but what a great memory you're creating, and perseverence you're building. I love challenging my grandaughters and watching them strive to be better at something. :D