Thursday, August 27, 2009

The WAIT is Almost Over

Do you remember my struggle this summer with wanting so desperately to have time alone? I was certain I needed to get away for a couple of days to preserve my sanity and soul, but the opportunities kept slipping away. Until I finally concluded that it just wasn't going to happen.
And I was convinced God was OK with me not getting away. I was trusting that, even though I couldn't see it, He had a good reason for holding out on me, er, driving me to the edge of insanity, er, ignoring me, er, allowing me to wait. Yeah, that's it!
And do you remember what I learned about waiting? Waiting often makes the answer sweeter. Much sweeter.

Well, friends, my wait is almost over!

Honestly, I had accepted the conclusion that I was not going to have an opportunity to get away by myself this summer. Wasn't all too happy about it, but I was earnestly seeking to trust God and believe He has my best in mind.
Then, last week my husband told me it would be OK with him if I didn't attend his friend's wedding - that he would find a friend to take along. Brian said he knows I would much rather see a concert of my favorite Christian recording artist, and encouraged me to go. Brian was releasing me from an obligation, and I felt like he'd just given me the most wonderful gift!
Hmmmm, my birthday is next month. Wonder if this is an early present.
I'll take it!

So, Saturday morning I am making a trip to west Michigan and I am going to spend the day alone - just me and my Jesus! I might walk along the beach. I might sit for hours beneath a tree. I might splash around in the water. It doesn't really matter, because it's just going to be me and Jesus, and no one else has any need to know where I am or what I'm doing.
And in the evening I am going to delight in His presence some more, while I enjoy listening to Kathy Troccoli in concert.
I feel like I have waited so long for this "vacation," and I know it is going to be very sweet.

Father, thank You. Thank You for working out this plan so that I can get away to be alone with You for an entire day.
Forgive me for the tears I have cried because I didn't get this day according to my own timing. Forgive me for doubting Your goodness because You didn't give me what I wanted, when I wanted it. And thank You for Your patience with me - for loving me through the tears.
Lord, I am so looking forward to Saturday! I am so looking forward to being with You, without distractions. Oh! I can't wait!!!
Well, yes, I can. Because I have. And You have been with me all through the WAIT - loving me faithfully, caring for me perfectly, teaching me patiently.
Thank You, God. I love you so much!

If you're in a waiting pattern right now, please receive this encouragement to keep clinging to God. He does have your best in mind. I believe it!

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Jessica Nelson said...

That's awesome Karen! I hope you have a wonderfully refreshing time. :-)

Leah Adams said...

I know that Jesus is just as excited as you are!! He can't wait to spend that time with you.

One word of caution: let Brian or someone know where you will be. We have a missing and assumed abducted woman in our community here in N. GA. You can't be too careful!


Larie Carlice Proverbs 27:19 said...

I bet you are already packed!


Unknown said...

I hope it's wonderful! Enjoy!

Heidi said...

Sounds wonderful. Happy to have found your blog today. Enjoy west Michigan- it's where I live!

On Purpose said...

You are a beautiful daughter of His...and I am SO excited that He is blessing you in such a personal and intimate way. Now go soak in every single minute of your time with Him!

Love you friend!

Ronel said...

This truly spoke to my heart... thank you so much for sharing!!

Have fun!!

Susan Berlien said...

Sounds like heaven! I'm starting to get grouchy around here. I need a break! My birthday it not until march...I hope I get a break beofre then!!!!

Anonymous said...


Edie said...

I hope you had a wonderful time with the King of Kings this weekend.

Much love to you!